Food Supplements

I want to figure out what supplements help vs the one that don’t.
Which ones would you add, or delete from the list?

Ginkgo + Ginseng
Lions mane




It costs.

I take fishoil and a multivitamin+calcium+vitamin d everyday for heart health. I tried Ginseng but it gives me anxiety and kinda makes me manic. L theanine is good for sleep but I have no sleep problems. I also tried Ginkgo out of those but it did nothing.

Are you still worried about osteoporosis? With regular calcium you probably don’t need to be is my guess.

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Isn’t silica used to ward off insects or moths from clothing?

Its called Kieselerde. I put it into a translator. An alternative translation is siliceous earth. It says “Für Haut, Haare und Nägel” - “For skin, hair, nails”.

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I would ditch all of those except the fish oil and add in vitamin D - and maybe some liposomal glutathione if I had a sizeable budget.

Sarcosine and ltheanine.

Everything else id drop


My psychiatrist told me I can’t expect my problems to be fixed from food supplements. I need behavioral changes. And I am falling for advertisement. There needs to be a clinical study about the food supplement.

I will take subsets of these every day and figure out if they actually change anything state of health. And when they are empty I will repurchase not as many things.

Most of the food supplements are in capsules, I let them dissolve in my mouth and tasted them so I know what it actually is.

reishi: very strong bad taste, must be something strong
cordyceps: little taste compared to reishi

sarcosine: capsules have a lot of sugar in it, not sure
L-Theanin: dissolved it in wate, not sure. It smells somewhat familiar and gentle
Ginkgo/Ginseng: Very bitter but seems like its something very natural to suck

My daughter thought it was an artificial sweetener and made a pitcher of iced tea with it, which we all had a couple of glasses of. Everyone was jumpy as hell that night, let me tell you.

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In general I guess most if not all of the supplements you listed can potentially do something for brain health.

Personally I take lions mane, reishi, zinc, magnesium and fishoil of those you mentioned. L-theanine gives me insomnia, and I’m allergic to ginko, so I don’t use those.

If you are trying to cut expenses maybe downsize. Take 1 mushroom supplement at a time instead of three. Supplements like zinc you might not need to take every day depending on the dosage. I take zinc 25mg, and I only take it every 3 days or so because the recommended daily dosage for men is 11mg daily. Also you get some zinc from food, so taking it every 3 days seems to be enough.

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I take a multivitamin, fishoil and vitamin C. I feel better and not too depressed. Although, i spend every day 30 min. in the sun without a shirt on, on the balcony. I did this in summer.


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I can’t take magnesium or omega3 fish oil. I have really bad reactions.

L-theanine is good for mild anxiety