Anyone take any greens supplements?


I’m taking some with a multi for energy. I started about a month ago and my energy has been great. I switched to the regular kind without the multi and now I’m crashing, lol.

What has been your experience with greens supps?



Did you check the list of ingredients? A lot of times they have “special ingredients” . like you think you’re just taking a multivitamin but it also has the herb ginkgo biloba in there. Etc.


Yes it has Ginkgo.


I dabbled with a green powder made from a bunch of vegetables but I don’t feel it made a huge difference.


Which is naughty of them. Gingko helps schizophrenia but can also be dangerous. You need to be certain you’re ok with the risks before you take it.

I’ve decided not to take it. But research it for yourself.


Yes I heard it was dangerous as well.

I’ll look into it some more. I’m strictly taking these greens for the extra boost of energy.



I’m on and off supplements, sometimes I experiment with them sometimes I don’t.

As far as Gingko goes, I think it interacts with anti psychotics but I’m not too sure I might be mistaken.


It has a small amount of Ginkgo, about 20mg.

Actually, I was a little more symptomatic during the three weeks but things have settled down.

I should probably talk to my doc as well.


You should try olive leaf extract. They say olive leaves heal everything


I just try to eat greens instead. Lots of boiled and fried cabbage. Roasted cabbage steaks. I buy huge bags of frozen brussel sprouts and cook at least four trays in the oven at one time. Toss them in olive oil, salt, pepper, and minced garlic while frozen, spread on parchment paper on a cooking tray, and bake at 350F for 45 min. I keep them in the fridge and have with almost every meal.


It’s said L-Theanine is good for sleep and positive symptoms.