Foil hats. Foil hats

MMMMMMMM, gotta love me some al.

Just another example of someone making fun of the mentally ill and lining his pockets in the process.

What exactly is funny about tin foil hats? When one considers mental illness a disease, delusions and paranoia are not funny nor are they to be joked about by some ■■■■■■■ celebrity.


Maybe it’s because they know it’s not a disease?

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Let’s see, in one corner we have doctors and scientists and in the other you and weird al. Yeah…


Sometimes you gotta laugh at yourself. But I don’t think this video is funny - it’s a matter of mediocre entertainment.

I had no idea that weird Al was into mocking schizophrenia - I find the video offensive and disgusting.
He is obviously cashing in (greed) at out expense. Its people like him that add to the stigma -
Give me a break, please


Is weird al laughing at himself, or us?

Yeah this video did not sit well with me - at first I had no idea this kind of stuff was going to happen - very degrading and low indeed. I never liked him anyways, but now I will make sure that I do not see or hear anything from him

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I meaning mentally ill people listening tot a piece of ‘comedy’ and sort of thinking — yeah…

Doctors and scientists should catch up then.

My supposed “hallucinations” have even physically harmed me before, that. is. not. a. disease.

Look into it.

Oh wow, and I used to enjoy some of his vids? This is an awful song/video. I guess he hit the point where money is more important then genuine humor.

This makes me a bit ill. It doesn’t come off as kind or understanding. There are some comics who have mental illness and can talk of their plight with insight and kind humor.

This is not one of these.

ick! Ick! Ick! my eyes will never un-see this. I don’t feel well now. I think I just vomited in my mouth a bit.


You know though, no one said anything about the mentally ill in this video.

One has to assume it may be aimed at others, possibly those who know deep things about what goes on here right?!

Everyone knows they have enemies, perhaps it’s directed at them huh. You know the guys right? The truth tellers, freedom fighters, those guys.

And who is this video for? Why the average worker who never sees anything outside of work, the drive home, and the bars and parties on the weekends.

Check this out. It’s one of the worst examples I’ve seen. It was quite popular when it came out.

Come on, are you trolling or just clueless?

Um, he is not mocking Sz at all… I don’t understand why people are thinking that… He’s doing a funny vid about the NWO, Illuminati, aliens, etc…
He mentions psychotronics, oh my…
Of course the MIB take him at the end, leading you to believe he is going in for some deprogramming and reprogramming… while the reptilian agenda is revealed…
But the whole thing is promoting aluminum foil…which leads me to believe he is working for them !

"students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have demonstrated that tin foil hats may not act as an effective shield against any sort of mind control probe, but actually intensify some radio frequencies ability to reach the human brain.

In essence: a tin foil hat may expose the wearer to mind-control."

Im clueless, but learning, slowly, slowly slowly learning, but clueless.


That would make you and me enemies, but let’s just be nice to eachother.

The mentally ill are not the only ones who speak of these things thats all that im saying.

In fact there is alot of people who talk about it, it’s directed at them.

You have to defame these things, and frighten people into not speaking about it, you have to make it look stupid you know. Otherwise you get a bunch of people asking questions, and you can’t have people asking questions can you.

I thought Weird Al was mocking the Tea Party movement. :tea: :confetti_ball:


This is quite true. My wife and I were involved in this very stuff and I must say the majority of people in the groups were not mentally ill.

Cameras and video recording equipment also are not mentally ill…

I’m sort of embarrassed FOR Weird Al… wow that song is weak. I sure hope that wasn’t the product of hours and hours of hard work for him and that was the best he can do now.

What a piece of garbage compared to his heyday.

I have to admit, I’ve had tinfoil stitched into my knitted hats… It didn’t do anything for how I thought… but it sure keeps the rain off and then my hair stays dry and I stay warmer. :blush:

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