Flooding Memories prod. by ANDREW HARDY by skitzo

Made this little jingle. It’s interesting. Lmk what u think if u listen to it.


I really liked it. Good job. :crocodile::crocodile::crocodile:

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Thank you @GrayBear!!!

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What do you use to make your music? Garageband? :fox_face::fox_face::fox_face:

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love it, 3 quarters in ws my favourite lol

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I use audacity.

Thanks @mrhappy

You don’t like my name though?? Is it disrespectful ?? Sorry if you’re offended maybe I’ll ponder changing it again.

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no its not that, was just wondering if you were aware it was there is all

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Yeah when I post the link in the title it automatically does the whole post for me. I just gotta click “creativity” and enter. Maybe add a comment. But the thread title was generated by copy and pasting the link into the title. I think it’s cool. Thanks.

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My favorite part is when I said

I just sail seven seas west

Seven lsd tabs I ingest

Now I think I’m the best

I need a shrink I’m on a quest

I need the ink on this script and a ■■■■■■ cigarette.

Did they unplug my liver yet.

That was about 3/4 through. Maybe the part you were talking about

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yeah that was my fave bit too :slight_smile:

and you mentioned a mercedes so that was cool too haha

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Yo that beat makes me jealous haha

You did a great job spitting that third verse man, towards the end your flow enters lightspeed. I feel like youre getting more comfortable in your style cuz your flow switch ups are on point. Keep going man youre on to something!

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I think the thing I’m most onto is that you can develop and improve your skills overtime with practice. People say I’m too this I’m too that. “I’m not good at it”. Like my friend mike said once “good thing I’m not a rapper I’m not very good at it” I wanted to say u could’ve practiced and been good. But maybe it’s not their passion anyways. But if it is I say u should go for something like that so easy to DO on a basic level to get practice and it’s fun. And then ten years later hey you’re good like wtf. Thanks @zwolfgang

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