Flashing Lights (new to forum)

I just have a question to see if other people have been experiencing what I’ve been experiencing. I’ve had Scizophrenia for awhile and I have been experiencing flashes in my eyes telling me what to do and I’ve been listening to it and now i think im losing it. Has anyone else experienced this before?


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No, not flashing lights specifically, but I thought police sirens, train whistles and the like were reacting to my thoughts and I would sometimes base my decisions off them. I would try to avoid making any decisions based on this.


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I don’t experience flashes like that but it sounds hard to deal with. How long has it been going on? Is it getting worse?

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No flashing lights here, sorry. My hallucinations come in a different flavour.

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It’s been going on for awhile and now I think it’s ordering me to go do crazy stuff and I’m completely listening, but it seems super real and makes a lot of sense.


It sounds like you might need a med adjustment. When do you see your pdoc (psychiatrist) next?

I don’t hear random voices like that, rather when I see the men following me I hear them talking. But anyway, everyone here who is doing well says not to listen to the voices because they are not real and can cause you major problems if you do


Flashing lights? Have you been evaluated by a neurologist? Have you had an EEG?


Good point @ninjastar . I didn’t think about that. It could be neurological


Yeah that’s what I’m thinking about doing. It’s been going on for awhile and I’ve been going through psychosis pretty much so i thought it was real, but now im stabilizing and im thinking it could be an eye problem

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Yea the voices suck. It’s hard to deal with them. It makes everything seem super real

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Hopefully you can get a med adjustment. When is your next appointment?

Not sure. I hardly ever get the voices anymore though

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Oh ok. So it’s just flashes of light but no voices?

I had this for a while but it was cojoined with words and blink rate.

Also saw a light floating in the air from a distance yesterday evening through my window.

Voices are pretty seldom. I heard a voice last night, but over the past couple weeks I haven’t heard them too much. I was hearing them every night for months and then they just stopped.

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Are you autistic aswell?

Is it coming from your peripheral vision?