Light flashes or moving objects

At times i see flashes of white light, objects appear to shrink grow or jump. This usually happens before my voices come back. They came back briefly and then left.

does that ever happen to you?

For a few weeks I was misinterpreting objects as cats. A balled up coat or a pair of dark pants. I quit thinking about it and it stopped happening.

Hope this passes. Your experience will be what you expect. It all subconscious though.

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Yeah its like an automatic thought that needs to be dismissed or let go of

It becomes a fear. Then it becomes a regularity. I still hope it passes, but I’m certain you can handle it.

Haven’t thought about it since last night but sometimes when I’m reading something my mind will replace the text with something else. It’s the only thing that I’m afraid will become permanent or worse. I always reread things but it’s just ■■■■■■ to have additional interference.

Dude your a champ. Take care. Keep us updated.

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Yes… I call that the breathing furniture… it seems to inflate and deflate. It used to really bother me… but I think I’m getting a handle on it.

It does happen during a glitch… another one is walls and floors ripple… like water… nothing looks solid.

I hope you feel better soon and this passes. Good luck.

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Had a neat one last night. I have never experienced anything like it before.

It felt like something very minute, that was moving at a very fast pace, had entered near the outer corner of my right eye and continued onward through my head. The first effect was a bright but extremely detailed flash of light. This was then quickly followed by a ringing in my right ear. The ringing lasted less than a second, and it started with a high frequency that had quickly faded to a lower frequency as the volume of the ringing had just as quickly faded away.

Anyhow, it left me with a strong awareness of the actual straight path, the path of whatever “it” was, had followed. It felt like having being shot with a super miniature bullet.

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Man that happens to me often flashes and ringing or fluttering of ear