Flashing lights

I keep seeing weird flashing lights outside at night and I’m starting to think it’s some sort of message or a ghost. But Idk :thinking:

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May be hallucination… is it.???

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I don’t know… maybe? But I feel like it’s not? But I keep seeing them randomly? Like ive never seen them before? But this past week i keep seeing them. always at different times.

Idk I’m really starting to think it’s something important but idk what it is. I’m hoping it’s not dangerous.

What do you think?

If it helps I have the same thing and it is photopsia for me and could be for you too and the reason why I have it is because I get frequent migraines. It is pretty much a harmless thing. But again it could be something else but you could mark it up to photopsia to put your mind at ease

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Flashing lights and lights in general used to send me messages, was a scary time

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Ah I have chronic migraines too! I’ve actually had 3 this week that might be what the lights are from. That sounds like a possibility! I’m still kinda scared about it though. but thank You!

How did you cope with it?

I pretty much went insane with it and ended up in hospital

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I am sorry to hear that are you better now?

Catch it with a camera.

I wish I had my camera with me back when we had a really foggy day. There was so much fog that you could see nothing but the highway lights themselves that are located on top of extremely tall light poles. In turn, it looked like a large collection of UFO’s high in the sky. I could have had some fun with that photo.

If you have a high res monitor, then click on the picture to get a better idea of what it would have looked like.

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Yes now I understand it is not real and on meds

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I try to next time i see them! That might help me find out if it’s a hallucination at least!

But also that sounds kinda cool :slight_smile:

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Oh good I am glad to hear you are better now!

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No problem! Sorry you’ve been dealing with them they sure arent fun


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