Who else experiences flashbacks to anything? I get them about my unmedicated days and also my undiagnosed but positively psychotic days. It can be a problem but I function, so it I am just venting I guess. I have been thinking about how psychotic and how dependent I was on alcohol at this time a year ago. I get impulses to get a fifth of fireball whiskey and just make it stop. I did have a beer last night, which I shouldnt do, but I justified it because of my day at school and personal record I set squatting yesterday.

It did take the edge off my anxiety and made me think less.


I have flashbacks when I’m stressed to other bad times in my life.

I get them about our house fire. That is when I know I blew the stress level out of the water. All 5 senses blown wide open and my sis and I right back in that house fire that happened when she was 3 and I was 14.

I can hear the crackle of the burning, taste the smoke, feel the heat, see the flame, feel the fire burn my skin again. I’m right back there.

When I’m tired and I can’t concentrate and a panic attack begins to hit, the word kidnapper comes with it. But that’s not a flash back of an actual event. It’s the re-firing of a delusion.

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i get them on a daily basis, it physically sends a shock through my body sometimes, like a jolt, unhelpful when i am driving !?!
take care


yes i do i get quite vivid flashbacks too of a not very nice time in my life sometimes i can just be making a cup of tea and something that happened 16 years ago can flash into my head and then i ruminate on it. its frightens me i think it might be our brains saying hey you never dealt with this properly what would you do now.
alcohol they have a saying it goes man takes drink drink takes drink drink takes man.
i have struggled to not drink i have not drank for a year and a half but boy have i wanted to a times ive spent my whole life working on not drinking my best advise is this i used to have the thought of a drink and idbe at the shop now i just sit with the feeling of wanting a drink but not take ACTION. i thin it will be a lifetime process for you too maybe not what do you think? i come from a long line of addicts.

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I have had flashbacks when something reminds me of a past traumatic event. I also get images and clips of scenes from my childhood in my head that they use as a means of torment.

I get that all the time, i get false memory flash backs as well.

I’ve written and article on flashbacks at http://tobeschizophrenic.com/wp/?cat=6
You might find it interesting.

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I get flashbacks the time I did mescaline - It was not a fun experience, to put it mildly

Interesting read, but the definition of the word Flashback used in that article is different then the flashbacks I was referring to about previous events in my life. I don’t think I have ever experienced a flashback as described in that article.

I was wondering if anyone has had strong emotional memories manifest as a flashback or hallucination? I’m not talking of drug flashback, or psychosis flashback, or the triggers to start carving stuff we’ve long gotten out of our life…

When I found out that my sis got accepted into U.C. Berkeley, I was really afraid that she was going to leave me here in Seattle and go to California. During this time I started seeing her 5 year old self very vividly… Just my sis as a toddler, walking around, taking a seat, having a conversation for a while. I have a lot of very fond/ psychotic/ odd yet sweet memories of that time, so I think my fear of her moving on, was triggering this.

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I have had things similar to this happen occasionally.

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I have flashback to when I did some stuff I regret at a festival in 2011 especially if I drink in the wrong environment… I can’t really party anymore I like to numb myself all up alone or with like 6 friends as opposed to drinking at a party because they give me flashback the time I overdosed and had that one night stand!

I’ve had a recurring flashback for the last year and a half. My girlfriend of 2 years ago died of a heart defect that no one knew about (cant remember what it was called but the only way to diagnose it is with an autopsy) she died, in bed next to me. Anytime I sleep with someone else in the bed, when I first wake up I see her, dead, cold, stiff, a look of intense agony on her face. It only last for a heartbeat or two, but it freaks me out a lot. To be fully honest, I blame myself. For the few days before she died I kept dreaming about waking up to find her dead and never said anything. She had symptoms something was wrong that we both wrote off as some kind of chest cold, or possibly her asthma. Turns out the first sign of this defect being a problem is shortness of breath and an incessant cough, women with it tend to get a sense of dread, she had it and even with my dreams I tod her ‘everything is fine its just asthma’ Now I trust my instincts…

I have flashbacks and they are all about my dad. Him choking me when I was younger, telling me he hates me, his verbal and emotional abuse, all the fights just evrything. I have so much anger that’s been growing and I’ll start thinking about him and get very very upset. It’s hard to even bring it up because I’ll have the flashbacks of everything. I get scared I’ll black out and act out in anger cus the flashbacks make me feel like it just happened.

I think flashbacks are much more related to PTSD. I used to get them all the time from my PTSD, until it went into remission I guess. I still have qualities like I’m unusually paranoid, even for a schizophrenic, but other than that I’m good to go.

I’m a selective amnesia case since I lived alone and near sex abuse victim. I flash back to lots of horrible stories lady told me over the years, trying to scare me after introducing me to family sex abusers immediately. Some got hurt, I just had nervous. Still have flashbacks 10+ years later…Lady knew what she was doing, anyone who lived alone would have nervous eventually and she tried to use them later to see what you would do to keep her family sex abuse situation away. They are really wealthy and really full=-time abuse situation anyway and cops ignore them, good attorneys to hurt victims. Cops even help ruin victims to discredit them…Definitely better if you move away if you meet one of these as any of the previous victims who stayed will help mess you up later.

I got them so bad that I broke down and got about 3 weeks hospitalized just recently man.
About almost anything and everything, every living memory it was just over and over and over every freaking minute every cigarette was full blown black hallucination reliving the memory. It really fkd me up first time I cried in years.

I recently got councelling and I’ve been having a lot of flashbacks
Sometimes I’m in bed and it just comes out recently was when I was about 21 and some people took advantage of me.
But yeah I cN just be in the shower and traumatic experiences come out from the past.

Fireball whiskey…gotta be careful wit that stuff.

Flashback central here though, have some going back to the 80’s, but the mid to late 90’s were the real kicker. Abuse, drugs, abduction, abusing drugs, being abused, living lives as some split alternate me. You name it.