Panic attacks without flashbacks?

Whenever I’ve had a panic attack it always comes with flashbacks to the traumatic experience that I went through. I never thought anything of this until last night. I’m not sure if it was a panic attack that I had or what was happening. If it was a panic attack there was no flashback which is why I’m so confused by it and why I’m not sure if it was a panic attack.

For those who have panic attacks that dont come along with flashbacks from PTSD what are they like? What happens?

My panic attacks come out of nowhere. They start out with my breath getting harder, then my eyes start darting back and forth, then the mind starts racing.

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It’s been a long time since I had one but when I get one I start to get this feeling of fear and I can feel the adrenaline rise in my body. I start to shake and breathe heavy. Then I feel like I have to get up and run away. My hands start to tingle and go numb and I hyperventilate. I usually start to cry and sometimes throw up.

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@Leaf @pasteyface Let’s see if I can explain what happened. Everything is kind of fuzzy, it was really overwhelming so I think my mind stopped retaining things. I was sort of frozen, not paralyzed cause physically I could move but mentally I couldn’t get my body to work. I was stuck. I couldnt talk. My breathing was uneven. I dont think I really hyperventilated but breathing control is second nature by now so that helped. My boyfriend was there and noticed something was wrong. He tried asking what was going on but I couldn’t say anything. I tried. My thoughts were all over the place. It’s like there were a lot of little me’s in my head. Every single one yelling at me screaming all of my insecurities at me. Yelling at me making sure I dont forget my fears. I couldn’t control those thoughts. Then there was me me. The thoughts I could control, but even those thoughts were frozen. I could only think one simple thought at a time and it would repeat over and over. “I’m scared, I’m scared, I’m scared. I’m sorry. Im sorry. I’m sorry.” I remember being scared but I didnt know what I was scared of I just knew that I was scared.

I got panic attacks a lot over the years but not usually with flashbacks. They just come about when the spirit in my head tries to control my mind. Or when I’m threatened with something I’m scared of, like sickness or thunderstorms or making phone calls etc.

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Panic attacks are scary. I would get them a lot while driving. It would be hard to drive and make it home. Once I’d get home I’d shutdown and have to lay down. I couldn’t talk to my dad because I was to afraid to

my nightmares would be something like this

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