Fkn manic right now haha

i am flying haha, i just got this tv thing and it is amazing haha, its got soundcloud on and the tunes are amazing haha party at my house haha,

its like you dont need to watch anything you know its not forcing you to watch anything and you can pick what you want to watch or listen to so there is no pressure idk its just amazing.

i know i said i hate tv and stuff like that but i do like certain things, maybe not a lot but there are certain things that i’ll watch so i am going to have a bash at watching the whole series of the waking dead and see how i got on lol, i had a dream about zombies this morning and i thought i would like to explore that avenue haha, i’m buzzing lol time for meds haha


I love the feeling of controlled mania, when it gets out of control - this could land me in the hospital
Maybe taking your meds is a good idea daydreamer - Enjoy the new TV device, sounds like fun :smile:

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Sounds good
yet how does that work?
does the tv have internet?, how does it work with soundcloud?

waking dead was a very bad idea :s first episode he shoots a zombie girl in the head :frowning: and that was it, when she turned around and started hissing and then running towards the cop i was argghhh lol i kinda freaked and couldn’t watch it anymore, i forgot how much i hate horror lol.

the thing is cheap internet tv so if you have wifi it will work, i am just trying to get to grips with it just now, i just watched some music videos as well.

thx for reminding me to take my meds i think i’v forgotten again lol

Daydreamer, do you have anything structured you do with your time? Woodworking?..

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I’m sort of going through a new flavor in the crayon box too. Euphoric-contentment.

But I KNOW it’s because the windows are open and the air is warming up and the sun is out. It really feels like spring. I get sort of giddy in the beginning of spring. Just this smell of fresh air and the fact that my family is mostly safe…

I’ve been euphoric when my meds are off. I’ve been content when my meds are on. But I’ve never felt the two merge. I’ve taken my meds today. I’m on schedule. Today has been so simple and stress free and just calm. Today has been better then yesterday. Just the way I like it.


hi @pob

yeah, i went on a bit of a bender and bought lots of tools and wood (crazy right?) lol

i had big plans and ideas which i thought i would be able to do in no time

so far i have set up the work bench (which is rather flimsy and hard to use as its not fixed down.

all i have done so far is cut and sand the legs of the table i was hoping to build.

its not much really and i had to do it in my kitchen which was not ideal.

right now i have this pain in my core that is really hurting and i am struggling to do anything without it playing up, like for instance- today i did my volunteering in the community kitchen and i was struggling with this pain, it is not something that you can see by looking at me and thats why i hide it so well and i have only told one person about it but all it did was got him asking how i was all the time which i dont like, anyway i had to sit down on the way back as it was really sore, its actually really sore as i type this,

anyway i have made a doctors appointment for next week about it so i am hoping it is something they can treat, i just hope it doesnt get any worse, i’m only 31 yrs old :frowning:

god i am so buzzing again :s idk how to explain it, i have all of this energy i feel like jumping up and down and doing somersaults lol, i am excited because i am hoping to find out about a new area where i am willing to stay aand i want to know what is going to happen if i opt for that area, but the place is closed on a saturday and i just want to punch someone :frowning: lol :punch: haha