Five ways to encourage people to reduce their meat intake – without them even realising

For me the problem is (5) I’ve tried buying vegetarian choices to try and cut down on meat and ended up chucking a lot of stuff because,quite frankly, it was unpalatable.

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I’m not sure about that.

People in Alaska eat a lot of fish :fish:


yeah im back to being pescatarian. I eat one can of fish per day after my workout. the rest of my diet is plant based.

dr berg the youtube doctor recommends 3-6oz of meat twice per day with a lot of veggies (keto friendly veggies) something like 8 cups of salad

It’s true for processed meats and red meat but not chicken, poultry or fish. Except some fish like tuna.

Chicken is also pretty environmentally friendly. And so is fish if done right.

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what’s wrong with the tuna? mercury? I eat about 3 cans a week

Yeah, the heavy metal content is too high. Pregnant women aren’t supposed to eat it, and you’re not supposed to eat large quantities of it even if you’re not a pregnant woman.

I’m sure 3 cans a week is fine.


You know that mercury thing is no joke. I had a bunch of mercury amalgam fillings in my mouth and ate tuna very frequently and I wound up getting pretty sick with ms type symptoms. At one point my Dr even said it was “possible ms” and I had to get a brain MRI. But symptoms didn’t progress like ms so they changed their minds. I continued to have weird symptoms and a new dr who was the son of an established holistic dr recognized my symptoms as mercury toxicity and referred me to his dad, who for free took me through the steps of mercury detox and it worked. I had to spend $2000 on dental work but it was worth it believe me. Now I only eat tuna as a treat. I’ve even bought the tuna that’s guaranteed mercury free when I’ve been able to find it so I could have a guilt free tuna sandwich.

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Yea, I started buying the high end tuna too. Its $3.99 a can! But you can taste the difference, so much better than the cheapo stuff.

I’m working on the nitrate foods now, I mean trying to limit them.

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The grocers are now providing lots of nitrate and nitrite free alternatives if you look for them. And that’s a wonderful idea to go nitrate/nitrite free. They have been linked to cancer from what I’ve read. And other health problems too i guess. Particularly if you brown them, like you would a hot dog on the bbq. Anyway that’s what I read, but I’m no expert.

And yes that mercury free tuna is expensive but oh so yummy and clean tasting. I wonder if it’s psychological?!?

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I eat everything…

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Some meats are worse than others. You could survive on white meat and fish. Without eating other meats, as long as you got iron and stuff from somewhere!

Complete protein exists in strange places. Animal products always are, things like milk and eggs, and the flesh of animals.

But eating legumes like beans and nuts together will also be complete protein.

But there are not just 5 animals to choose from, and some are less harmful to the environment, and to your cardiovascular health than others are.

I’ve found eating more fat also helps, health fats like avocado, nut butter…all that stuff will allow you to eat less animal flesh at a meal and feel satiated.

So, there are plants sources like legumes, tofu, and others which have got protein in them.

Mixing in more healthy fats, high fiber superfoods like sweet potato etc. Plant foods like kale, fruits, of course you know all this already.

And drinking a whole bunch of water.

Sorry if my ideas seem to not come together perfectly :sweat_smile:

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I eat weird things, like a can of oysters spread over whole wheat bread. With a kraft single or half an avocado squashed on there. (or both). Ketchup or something to make it palateable.

Maybe spontaneously chop open and orange as well.

And a full bottle of water.

Then come back still hungry a 10 min later and spread peanut butter on another slice of bread. Fold it in half and eat it before I put down the spoon or close the jar.

A sip of water, then a handful of walnuts.

Bite into a cold sweet potato half.

Those are my eating ways! :joy:

Good. More meat for me.

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I was a vegan for eight months .

I love eating meat and dairy but am still a bit of a wanna be vegan.

I tried to become vegan again but my bf said I become sick and mentally unstable .

When I was vegan I had the support of my mum and a dietitian.

My bf will not let me go vegan while I am living with him.
He loves meat and dislikes veganism.
I do not feel up to fighting him about it.

Maybe in the future.

I Pray for my food and for our food and for all the species.

Not that I belong to any religion though except for my own…

I do not feel up to fighting and if I go vegan while living here I may get kicked out even n have huge fights n nowhere to go.
My mum might visit n if she does maybe she can help me go vegan again.

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