Fitness question... Help :D

So im sensitive to caffeine, and im sure some other people said so as well… Would anyone here happen to know what…or what drink that could ofter a energy boost as good as a pre-workout or coffee? if not maybe even as strong as tea? Yes im sensitive to tea as well :'c

'energy breeds energy ', my sister said that as well.

what about water? can’t dehydration cause tiredness?

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I eat complex carbs for breakfast and a fruit.


True, but just that kick of energy u get from coffee is gr8, but true water :smiley:

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OH yeah dude… i forgot… i need to stock up on some oats dood

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caffeine tablets have some place in this. just dont od on them. @crimby knows something about this.


Horny goat weed tablets are good for pre workout

haha are u messing with me? x’D

Nah serious it gets the blood rushing. Good for a wank too though

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Hahaha x’D


I’ve done so much caffeine in my life that I think it has little effect on me.

I don’t know about tiredness, but it can weaken you physically. It weakened me, but I dehydrated a lot, and I did it wrong. You don’t want to stay badly dehydrated for very long.


Pycnogenol and L-Citrulline is great for working out. I’m trying to get more definition in my muscles and I’ve been working out more lately, and I’ve noticed some better results when I use those supplements before a workout.

the doc said the reason i see stars, mine are like jagged horizontal lightening though,

and the reason my blood pressure went low (80’s/40’s) , was because i was dehydrated.

my visual can go black.

obviously lack of water is a major factor in health.

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A high-protein diet will give you energy. Unlike carbs and fats, the body does not store protein, so you must have protein throughout your day (no more than 22 grams at a time). Breakfast is especially important because it initiates metabolism.

A rule of thumb is half a gram of protein per body weight. Thus if you weigh 200 lbs you should consume 100 grams of protein per day in small meals throughout the day.

I like organic, plant-based protein. Purely Inspired is the name of the protein powder I use.

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