Fish oil tablets

Anyone find success with fish oil tablets? If yes, what has it helped with and how much are you taking?

My doctor swears by it for heart health and cholesterol. I’ve been on it for some time, and I haven’t had my cholesterol checked lately. I’ve also heard it can benefit your mind, but I haven’t noticed any help in that way. I’m gonna keep taking it because it is cheap, and it might help in some way I don’t know about.

I took fish oil capsules for a while. It didn’t ease my sz symptoms but as crimby has noted, it might have helped me in some unknown ways…

I take prescription strength EPA fish oil capsules - Vascepa.

It has weak Antipsychotic properties.

I used to take VegEPA, strong fishoil, went off my meds, found the fishoil made no difference whatsoever. Went back on meds.