Vitamins/Fish Oil et al

I have just recently started taking fish oil (EPA) and a multi-vitamin, after being diagnoized with schizophrenia recently. I have been prescribed risperidone and mitraziapine,

i would be interested if anyone finds these supplements useful I have only been them a week and how long they took to help, and if there is anything else worth trying I have some Glycine on order as I believe it helps the antipsychotic meds.



I am curious, which kind of EPA are you taking? I am looking into taking Vascepa EPA as mentioned by my family doctor. I currently am on Lovaza prescription strength EPA and DHA fish oil, for my high triglycerides - it also helps with my mood shifts and depression a bit.

I am based in the uk, so bought the highest EPA fish oil available through normal seaching engines (500mg) and 250 DHA. I am hoping it will help with my psychosis which Is really bad at the moment. I do not know if the GPs in the uk will prescribe. Though through research I believe it’s the EPA content thats really important.

Yes EPA is more important, especially when it comes to addressing certain mental health issues

This seems to be a recurrent theme, possibly pin able at some point!

I’ve been taking omega 3 fish oil for over 3 years with my Olanzapine (Zyprexa), it is supposed to help with negative symptoms.

To this end I have 2 volunteer jobs and can socialise with friends etc.