Fish Oil for prevention

Some time ago I was reading a post about the correct ratio/amount of EPA in fish oil to prevent schizophrenia. There was a link to a list of brands that contain the correct EPA. I’d like the administrator to please post that link again.

Its on the home page of the web site, under the “Vitamins” banner:

and some related posts:

I recommend you look on google shopping search to find a brand that meets the price and specs you need:

Ah - here is the page you really want I think:

Preferably the composition includes about 700 mg of EPA and at least about 480 mg of DHA.

the … dose of EPA administered to the subject per day is about 700 mg and the final dose of DHA administered to the subject per day is 480 mg. The composition may be administered in multiple dosages over the period of the day. For example, 4 capsules may be administered over the course of the day (two in the morning and two in the evening). However, other administration (such as once daily, or twice daily) are not excluded.

Whilst it is possible that EPA and DHA be administered alone, it is preferable that they are administered together in a single composition. When in a single composition, EPA and DHA are present in a ratio of between about 3:1 and 7:5, preferably between about 3:2 and 7:5. Accordingly, preferably the composition includes EPA and DHA (when combined) in a concentration of more than about 50%, preferably more than about 55%, more preferably about 60%.

That’s it. Thank you very much! There are equally encouraging studies regarding fish oil and bi-polar and depression. Think it will be good for my whole family.

if you actually eat oily fish you get much more than a couple capsules or so of fish oil

eat 3 - 5 portions a week

you don’t need the capsules

research capsules vs eating oily fish

I take Vascepa it is a prescription fish oil that is pure EPA.
EPA is more beneficial than DHA when it comes to brain benefits.

EPA has mild antipsychotic properties - but @CloudDog is correct, it is better to eat fatty cold water fish than to take in the supplements. I also try to add some more fish to my diet, even its Tuna from a can - Eating fish is a healthy habit