First time psych ward visit

Hello, ive been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia for 2 years now. I got thrown into the slammer on Thursday, finally got my smokes and phone back today. The reason it took so long for me to get privileges back was because there is no doctors on call during this weekend. I was forced to come and get the injection aswell. 25mg of risperidone and i take 2mg pill every night.

It was a boring 5 days with no phone or smokes to occupy my time. So i spent most of it reading the novel i brought with me (The Paper Menagerie by Ken Liu), the third day my parents bought me a pack of cards, so i spent alot of it playing solitaire and 13 solo games mostly.

The people i met were the most interesting, especially since my social skills are fairly rusty. But the nurses really wanted me to socialize instead of sitting in my room all day playing solitaire and reading. So i rolled my eyes and went to socialize with the other patients and also joined in on some group stuff.

I should say, this place is abit overkill for my diagnosis since im fine on such a low dose. Sadly , the doctors may increase the dosage even though ive been a good patient, feels pretty unfair but whatever.

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Wait a minute, were you in jail? or a psyche ward the whole time?
The “slammer” is jail.
But yeah, every ward I’ve been in is boring. Literally all of them.

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It felt like jail haha

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Last time I was on the ward they started with Risperidone just like you and then ended up giving me Clozapine after haldol and clopixol not working bit. Try to get better sooner than later.