First solo rap Ive ever been proud of

I think I hit a pretty important milestone in my vocals. I never used to like the sound of my own voice, my flow was off beat and I couldnt hold pitch. Ive come a long ways lol

Let me know what you think, Im hype :ocean:



Glad to have an “uncredited” lyric I helped it be written on this, myself :grimacing: no???

Great song zwolf

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True my bad. That one change to the chorus was a gamechanger wouldnt be the same. Ill update the bio

Thanks man!

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Lol u should write Jonny James as a co-writer

Yeah that’s my ghost writing name

Don’t make it obvious tho

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Johnny James huh? If you say so lol

sounds good @zwolfgang =)

i like the vocals… and the mixing is good. good song.

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No H.

Jonny James.

Ty man you really made this song tho I just wrote one line :laughing:

I think I like our Collabs a lot. But this is my favorite solo song of yours

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Thanks @lekkerhondje glad you like! It was originally gonna be less dark lyrically but Tupac changed the whole direction with one line:

Was gonna be way cheesier at first lol

Nah @Jonnybegood you saved this song with one line, shows your skill man. Yeah Im really happy with this one


love it Zee great vocals, sweet lyrics, cool beat

4/5 review from me :ok_hand: lol

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Thanks man! 4/5 is strong haha

Hows your lyrics going btw


Needs work lol, I’m a bit like a tree Ent sometimes, very slow :frowning: letting myself down too, i don’t have much confidence,

I’ll try later tonight

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No worries man it took me like 2 years to get confident in my own voice lol no one is at first

The key is dont overthink sht, if you get too in your head it comes out like youre holding back

Come to think of it its really therapeutic making art it teaches you to get out of your head

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I hear you, it takes time

If i could just write decent lyrics then it would make a big difference lol

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sounds good, reminds me a bit of Busta Rhymes


Ayy thanks man! Busta Rhymes interesting wouldnt have thought so haha but thats a big compliment I appreciate :slight_smile:


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