First solo rap

Hey guys! I just made a rap about homelessness. Would love to know what you think, this is the first real solo rap project Ive finished (besides my song Roots, which I dont count tbh)


Keep working man. Sounds good

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The Singing part was fantastic maybe u can do a hook for me bro haha. The rapping lyrics were really good too. I think the flow/delivery is the hardest parts to get down and that’s why it’s regarded as the “it factor” in rap. Seriously it takes a ton of repetitions just like anything else to master the flow regularly on a consistent basis and be able to experiment and switch it up a lot. Keep at it man!!! I thought it was a really cool song and melody. If you can manage to get it more like in bars. Like da na da na da bam boo bam bop. Boom. Like I wanna hear explosions sounds in your verses if you know what I mean??? Just envisioning how it may be has helped me to improve my flow. I wanna hear Gunshots pop pop pop pop in your flow. Bam :boom:!!! Just keep that in mind and eventually you’ll be a really fire all around rap musician :fire:.

All my suggestions will take time. I suggest keeping this song as it is because it’s good already. But I’m saying just envisioning In your head where you wanna be soon with the flow has helped me.


@crocodal Thanks man!

@Gratitude I appreciate that! I thought my singing was personally the weakest part so Im glad you liked it, Id be happy to do a hook for you anytime!

Yeah my flow definitely does need some work still, but thats why I put this stuff out here man, to get advice like yours! Seriously thats some dope feedback I never wouldve thought to envision the flow like that.

The main problems I have I think is structuring my raps in bars and putting the energy in my voice like you do, but thats partly because I dont have a pop filter and I worry about peaking the mic, but Ill fix that soon hopefully it helps, and I gotta practice practice practice! Thanks again man!

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Anytime. I love giving feedback and if you’re real open to it all the best!!

I wish @SpacemanInvader was still around here because he gives dope feedback too. He’s the one who really got me thinking “we’re in this together if we’re making music together, it’s not a competition but a collaboration” type thing.

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