First post (newbie)

Hi, I used to be “jukebox” on the old site, and am just now posting again on the new site…I used to be an architect before I fell ill to schizophrenia. I am now an artist and musician living in a small town in Oklahoma…just wanted to say hi.


just wanted to say welcome and no offense meant, but from high pressured architect suit and tie to artist and musician seems like a move for the better in life. As long as your happy and content, it’s all good.

:slight_smile: Ahh so you made it too…

@surprisedJ…yes, trying to be an architect was really stressful, I think it might have been the pressure that helped me get schizophrenia. I put myself through college and worked really hard for my career…had a rough time accepting my illness at first…it’s been since 1997 since I first got sick…so now I have no pressure and all the time in the world to create music and art…yes, it is a better life and yes IT’S ALL GOOD…

Hi Ish…glad to see you !

Welcome. What kind of music do you play?

I am currently learning Beatles songs on the banjo…on the banjo I play mostly bluegrass (yawn) but I also play a couple of classical songs that I like on it…on the guitar it’s all classic rock, and a handful of mopey old country songs that I play when I’m blue…classic rock keeps me feeling “up”…on the guitar…I used to play cello and thought about joining the OKC philharmonic like my mom encourages, but I’ve gotten so rusty on the cello that it doesn’t look promising that I ever will. Thanks for asking and for the welcome !

Welcome back Jukebox really good to see you - since Im not feeling as down lately, Ive been getting back to some art work. The banjo is a cool instrument, good for you

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Hey jukebox!

hi cbbrown, haha…good to see you on here. I thought I’d see what all the excitement was like over here on this site…?

(thanks Wave, I love the banjo, learning some Beatles songs on it right now)

Dear Prudence and Norwegian Wood 2 of my favorites

Hi jukebox. Someday i’d like to try playing the banjo, i play electric bass. one of the best concerts i ever attended was a trio of Bela Fleck, Stanley Clarke and Jean Luc Ponte, on banjo, upright bass, and violin respectively. music is a great gift.

Hello from a small town in Minnesota.

@ Wave, I play those two on the guitar, but the banjo book I have teaching me Beatles doesn’t have those …darnit…

hi ouroboros, banjo is relatively easier than the guitar because it just takes some getting down on repetitive “rolls” or picking patterns on the banjo…plus tablature is the way to go to learn banjo too, and there are some great books out there…(guitar center even has them). hello from a small town in Oklahoma … :smile:

Hey, Jukebox.

pob (patchofblue)