Feeling alive today!

Look guys, the sky is blue! Tree’s are green! Reminds me of the song “Fully Alive” by Flyleaf! Yay! I might be okay soon!


That’s how I’ve been feeling recently but the feeling is starting to fade

Smile! Everything’s good! If it won’t matter in ten years it shouldn’t be a big deal today.

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Maybe I’m just hungry :).


I’d been spending a lot of time indoors. Yesterday I saw a flock of pigeons, and I felt a burst of happiness. Life has its sweet moments.


You sound like you’re doing well @samples32. Glad to hear it. Sometimes finding the little joys in the world can cast aside all the negativity this disease brings us.

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I feel well! I played guitar today! I haven’t played in years!

Oh wow. I’d love to learn how to play guitar. I had an old friend who was really good at it (he could play The White Stripes), but he was so consumed with how good he was and showing off, I didn’t get a chance to learn. I wish I could play like Hendrix, LOL. Now if you can play with your tongue @samples32, I’ll bow down to you. LOL.

No, no tongue playing lol! I am… Okay, at guitar, buy, I love it. I have played since I was 9.