First time you had an auditory or visual hallucination story

I’m just curious to hear people’s stories and obviously share my own experience.

For me it was March 8th 2012. I was 19. I had graduated high school roughly 9 months previous. For my senior year I started smoking weed. I never enjoyed it too much, but when I did I figured I would put up with the okay or not as stellar times for the times I enjoyed it. So I graduate and moved from Texas to Montana with my family (where I was born and lived until I was 6 when we moved to Texas). So I arrived in Montana September 3rd 2011, fast forward to March 8th 2012. It was one of my first and best friends in Montana’s birthday and he decided we were going to do mushrooms. I had no idea how close I was to breaking the barrier into schizophrenia, I didn’t even realized anything was wrong besides moderate depression, or really what mushrooms would do to me. So we take the mushrooms around 7 pm. At 7:15 my brother drives us (he did not ingest any hallucinogenic substances) to a store for me to buy my friend a birthday present, a shared favorite movie: 2001: A Space Odyssey. We get back to the house and start watching. By roughly 8-8:15 I am in abother world in my mind. I’m actually happy in this moment. I feel well, I realize I love me and life and then without my brother opening his mouth I hear him say, “Hello, and welcome to the real world.” I reply in my head to him, “Alex? How did I hear that without you actually talking to me?” To which ‘he’ said, “Did you like my matrix quote? This is how life is from now on.” Looking back deeply eery seeing as how my situation evolved. I could continue the story for the next 2 months before I started vocalizing to my parents and other family what was going on in my mind and shortly after I started vocalizing what was happening in my head I was on medication after a few visits to psychiatrists at my local mental health facility. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my story and I would love to hear anyone else’s who would like to share. :slight_smile:


Oh, I haven’t touched drugs besides alcohol or nicotine which I use very moderately and am currently in the process of cutting down to just 1 cigarette a day and then quitting completely.

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Isn’t it strange how you don’t notice it when it happens until after, right? Hmm first story would be when I was 16.

It happened more so over a period of time. I had this one friend who I was very close too, but we were always competing for good marks. As time went on, I started getting paranoid that my friend was a double agent trying to get information from me.

I thought she would relay out what I was saying and get me taken away. Quickly, I started to test her by trying to get her to contradict herself. Occasional voices would tell me of her plans to harm me. I was informed that if I did worse than her on certain exams, she would send people to murder me and my family.

I would get the feeling that she was watching me. That everyone was watching me, and I had to act a certain way to deter them. Eventually, I was struck with an episode where I was going bezerk after I didn’t finish an assignment on time.

I got escorted up to the office, and my principal put my in a closet room so I would calm down. Looking back, she probably did that to save me from my own embarrassment. I was later taken to the hospital and given meds which have stabilized me.

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I will go with the one that lead to my diagnosis.

May of 2010

I was in Fort Benning GA, my drill sergeants were harsh but not too mean, but I had started hearing things, I always assumed it was my drill sergeants since it was their voices and they were yelling at me. It seemed odd that I was the only one getting these threats and stuff, but I had been having a hard time because of my PT scores.

well towards the end of May I was eating my meal and I heard whisper “They’re gonna get you, you and your whole damn family” I I looked up and my drill sergeant was holding a gun to my head, only I could also see him sitting at the NCO’s table across the mess hall. I freaked out and attacked the Dril sergeant that wasn’t really there, which turned out to be a fellow recruit who was a friend. I spent a week in the isolation unit before being diagnosed. The other recruit, he was a great guy, really helped me with my home sickeness with his singing (great voice, awesome person), anyway he was fine, a few bruises that’s all, since he was better than me at submission techniques. If I had attacked the actual drill sergeant I would probably have been locked away for good.

Oh yes and I punched a wall hard enough to break my hand the day before that after hearing a drill sergeant call me a fat ass. After I told the base shrink about what had lead up to the event they questioned the Drill Sergeants and other recruits and they had no idea what I was talking about…

So yeah my first real hallucination was pretty bad…I am told the reason my break was so difficult was because of the high stress environment.

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I can’t really say. One time I heard a really loud and really strange Indian war cry at 3:00 am. I’d gotten off my med’s.

I’ve seen shadow people since I was a kid. For a very long time, I thought everyone did. It’s usually out of the corner of my eye, but if it’s dark, I can see them in corners and sometimes shadows sliding across the floor. I mostly have always had the feeling I was being watched, made fun of. And I’ve never felt alone, always there is a presence with me. Sometimes I feel very strongly that’s its a family member who suicided before I was born. The voices are mostly inside my head, but I have heard whispering and my name being called, conversations that seem to be about me. Last summer, I hallucinated half a person, just from the waist down. Jeans and white sneakers. That was weird, made me laugh a little.

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I don’t know. I didn’t really have hallucinations unless they were drug induced until well after I was already diagnosed. I heard a horse come galloping down my road once and whiny a few times, I looked out and there was no horse, I asked my brother if he heard it and he just gave me a weird look and said no.

I was also sitting on the front porch of that same house late one night having a cigarette and I heard chains rattling as if they’d come out of the woods and rattled right passed me and on up the driveway…this was around the same time I think. When I told my psychiatrist about it he like guffawed and then I heard “That was you’re horse”. I can remember freaking that doc out, I was hearing what seemed like all his thoughts in my head during our sessions and when I told him the content of what I heard he freaked out and said “You’re really scaring me”.

I’m not really sure about a/the first, since I think there may have been some times when things happened and I didn’t realize I was having symptoms of some sort. Like I’ve been in several situations throughout my life that were just plain bizarre and didn’t make any sense, but wasn’t able to pinpoint any sure signs that my mind was a culprit, so I just don’t know.

I do think I started having hypnagogic hallucinations when I was a kid, though, I think I had plenty. The smoke detector on the ceiling would move down the hall towards my bedroom at night and it scared me, I felt like it was after me. When I was no more than 9 years old, I saw a giant snake, like an Anaconda type snake, just outside the living room window and was scared to death it was going to kill my grandparents when they left the house. Very unlikely that a huge Anaconda was wandering around a neighborhood in Indiana, but I didn’t understand that at that age.

So if I had to guess, I think my first hallucinations ever were the hypnagogic sorts when I was kid, brief and weird/scary stuff from being too tired.

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Delusional thoughts started with me in 1993. I was working a lot, all the time. I’d hit the weed in my off-time to help me ‘relax’. One afternoon I went manic, really happy, really up. I thought the radio station was playing music to tell me something. What we’re they telling me? That my thoughts were broadcast, that the whole world was following the ins and outs of my daily life because I was a really special person. Everybody was pretending to be normal though, no one could let on that this grandiose thing was going on. Then, it started to get ugly. People would cough very harshly to communicate that my thoughts were broadcast, but of course, no one could tell me, they had to keep pretending to be normal. In one of those moments of clarity I went to the Psychiatric Emergency Services one night.

Eventually, at the strong recommendation of the doctors, I stopped smoking weed totally. That was about 16 years ago, but the symptoms stayed with me.

I went in and out of symptoms for many years. At one point, I made a rule: “never believe the delusional thoughts no matter how real they seem.” That was when things started to get better. Then I found this website and as a result, things continue to get better.

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First time I heared satan.

My dad dropped me off at school. I had walked about 50 meters when I heared Satan yell my name several times. I tried to pretend I did not hear it. He was very angry and yelled that I will die.

I was 15 years old at the time.

I’ve had a cross wired head since I was a little kid… I was over the top hyper all the time… I had no concentration… my family thinks my brain opened up when I was 5.

I do remember a few solid times when I was around 9… got into a physical fight with an imaginary friend… my brain was so out there… what I was seeing and hearing felt so real. The imaginary friend wanted me to cut my arms open and give him my blood so he could become real… It’s feels silly to talk about now… but that one sticks out. It felt like an epic battle … My parent’s didn’t know what was going on with me.

the other time things got sort of split universe was when I was 10 and God began talking to me… I don’t come from a religious family so that was weird… then I was sure I could predict the future… After my kid sis was born I thought I was developing sonic hearing and could read peoples minds…

The Doc’s didn’t want to put the Sz label on me so young… so I got ADHD… OCD… PTSD… and a list of other things it wasn’t. My parent’s tried to get me as much help as they could…

It didn’t help that at 15 my older cousin who I sort of looked up to introduced me to the world of drugs and alcohol.

When I finally crumbled completely at 17 and ended up in hospital… then docs finally said Sz. I’m 31 now.

A few years ago… finally ended up on the right meds in the right dose… with a good therapist… and a routine that works for me… things have gotten so much better.

Uh my scenario is weird because I hallucinated vividly as a child. I saw and heard all kinds of things but can’t pinpoint what the first was so I’ll go for most memorable?

I was 3 or 4 and was again having trouble sleeping. (As I’ve said before, I literally have never had a good relationship w sleep) It was very late. Everyone in the house had gone to bed and it was dark, quiet and somewhat unnerving. I was lying in my bed looking up at the ceiling. Then I began to hear clanking noises. They were coming from my fan…like someone was banging on something. I then hear a voice from inside my fan; “Hey Hank, pass me the monkey wrench!” “Sure thing Joe!” more banging

I figured my fan was broken and mom must have had some men to come fix it. After listening to them for a bit I was looking at the paintings on my wall and suddenly the characters in them began to move, and then they began to talk. I was mesmerized. One painting of Winnie the Pooh and piglet wouldn’t move and I was staring at it in frustration, willing it to. And it started up and I could hear their conversation, in their voices and everything. I was happy. My stuffed animals beside me were swelling like they were breathing. It was something I saw quite regularly, which is why I was sure my toys were alive and was always very adamant toys were treated well.

Eventually it got too loud for me to sleep, with all the talking paintings and the men fixing the fan. I tried to leave my room but remembered my parents had gated me in. I looked at the light from my room forming a shadow in the hallway, and the shadow was in the shape of the silhouette of Abe Lincoln. I went back into my room and went into the closet with a blanket. I curled up. The door was wooden and the swirls in it began to become a sort of movie. I watched a girl made from wooden swirls go into an elevator and ride it down. It was relaxing. I fell asleep.

End story. From around age 3-8 I hallucinated. The hallucinations were the most intense the younger I was and decreased in intensity and frequency until they went away entirely when I was around 8. When I was 15 they started coming back and it began with me seeing colored lights all the time, sometimes floating in the air as orbs or sometimes around people or objects. They have grown slightly in intensity since then but it’s still nowhere close to the level they were at when I was little. Now the stuff I see is more like being on some sort of mild drug trip all the time. Floors swirl, walls melt, colors everywhere, once a person’s face went weird and was shrinking and floating, shadows went 3D once (I don’t know how to explain that). My most vivid hallucinations are closed eye. I will close my eyes and see things in the afterimage of my room that aren’t there when I open them. Generally very scary things. I only get auditory hallucinations now if it’s dead silent, I will hear very quiet and undecipherable whispering. It’s creepy which is why I don’t like quiet places. I do occasionally see scary or disturbing things w eyes open but it is always out of the corner of my eye and not dead on.


I was trying to read minds and that’s when the hallucinations started ■■■■■■■ with me.

When I was four I wanted to have lunch at the neighbor’s house. My mom said no and I flew into a rage. I don’t think I had ever done that before. I remember kicking and hitting the wall and some cupboards and screaming. My mom grabbed me and did something she had never done before. She put me over her knee and gave me a spanking. I remember feeling surprised and angry, but it didn’t hurt and I wasn’t sorry. Next she took me to one of the bedrooms and left me there. While sitting on the edge of the bed, something was moving off to my right. I looked over and up in the corner at the ceiling were dark creatures hanging there, swaying slightly and looking at me. Next I saw a large creature crawling from where the other creatures were hanging diagonally across and down the wall. The creatures in the corner just stayed there, but the one that was crawling kept repeating that same motion over and over. I remember that I wasn’t scared. I thought " Why did they (?) put me in a room with bats and spiders?" After that I often saw things up in corners and crawling on the walls. It wasn’t until I was about 13 that the demons arrived and things got more serious.

i think i’ll startwith the first voices i heard…i remember it vividly though i can’t recall the exact time or date. it was summer, sometime around mid afternoon…i was cleaning my children’s room…as i walked to go back into their room a voice inside popped up and started talking to me non stop…it was awful…i was in shock and didn’t know what was happening to me. i went to my room, laid down on my bed and cried for about two hours, then i rang my husband to come home from wherever he was, my mum’s place i think …i don’t remember much of that day after that. the voices went on non stop for about a month then just as suddenly stopped…it went on like that spor radically for about four years until they were talking constantly, day in day out 24/7.

the basic gist of it after thosefour years of non stop bollox was that they wanted me to commit suicide…obvs i never did and never would. i’ve bee hearing them now for 15 years and i’m still here :slight_smile: all voices can do is try and change your mind set, your basic beliefs and the way you view yourself…if they are negative in content they try every trick in the book to make you questio your own validity and self worth…luckily for me that didn’t work…don’t get me wron, there wre lots of days spent crying in bed at the sheer cruelty involved but see me? i take no ■■■■ from anyone, especially a figment of my imagination.

i’ve done the whole thought broad casting thing…about 6 or 7 years ago that bubble burst and i started to question where these voices were really coming from. did i smoke too much pot? was i somehow at fault? the answer to both questions is no…i merely invented these characters with a little help from many factors in my life…many bad experiences makes for a twisted mind. would i have developed these personalities had i not been through what i have? no, i don’t believe so .

what i believe in terms of the schizophrenic mind is that some parts of the brain are stuck in r.e,m sleep mode and the brain creates characters as it does when we are asleep…it;s a sleep disorder. nothing more, nothing less.