First day off benzos

I went under a train track the other day while a train was going under (I was always told to make a wish when this happens)…so I made a wish…I wished for “no more anxiety”…This was actually 2 months ago.

Ever since, my anxiety has been treated amazingly. I went down from 1.0 of klonopin to .5 of klonopin to .25 of klonopin…now today was day 1 with zero klonopin.

I literally wished my anxiety away. Don’t believe me, whatever…


I wished on a star and found my car.

I believe you.

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I’m quitting too. Good luck :slight_smile:

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Are you on ativan?



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I remember your joke when I asked you if you were still on benzos and you said “Yeah we got a band it’s called ‘minnii and the benzos’” Lol I think it’s time for the band to break up.

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Yeah, I quit a few months back, then got back on them, but just 2.5mg and now I’m quitting again.

The band is breaking up, I’m going solo!


I’m also quitting. I’m down to one clonaezpam every 25 days to a month. I have to take it as I get pressure on my chest from withdrawal. Good luck in quitting.

So proud of you! :slight_smile: That’s what I’m trying to do now too so you can be my role model lol. I recently cut back from 1 mg Ativan to .5 mg but now I’m having flashbacks at night again so that’s great. Blehghhg

I take Ativan rarely, whenever i feel stressed out. I used to take it to sleep though, about 6 months.
you know what, at this stage in my life, I don’t care. So what, you take a bunch of pills. Life is short and spontaneous anyway. Just take your pills and enjoy life. I wish you will be happy, whatever makes you happy.