Finding love through fate

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I disagree.

You have to at least put yourself out there.

Someone isn’t going to magically appear and be your soulmate.

Dating is important,

Not every relationship you have is going to work out.

I don’t like the message in this one, Pedro.


I agree 100% with my post

Its written in the stars before we were born

Fate and destiny does work for some, believe plays a part

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Okay, pedro.

How has fate and destiny worked out for you in the past?


I’m interested because I’ve had to work for all the progress in my life.


Well some of my dreams came through

I worked hard mentally for years to find ‘‘peace of mind’’ quite remarkable

Maybe my other dreams might happen either way I don’t mind

Im quite happy everyday …

I’m glad you’re happy.

But don’t put so much faith in every meme that pops up on facebook.

Not every nice thing is true.


I only pick the ones that are true

@pedro27 Please don’t post those money memes. It’s the internets chain letter and it’s totally inappropriate for a support forum.

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That’s what I did. I waited a few years into being sober and getting my head and meds straightened out somewhat. My wife admits she wouldn’t have been as interested in me if I had not been as functional as I was, as well as employed.

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I agree. You can’t just wait for The Awesome Fairy to come and hit you with her Awesome Wand.

Just get out there and BE AWESOME.

I guess I don’t believe in fate, or soul mates, or The One. I believe there are thousands of Ones out there that each of us could probably make it work with… and you have to peek out of your solitude to find them.

Anyhow, good luck on your search, @pedro27 . I hope you find what you’re looking for, no matter how that happens.



Life Is A Very Strangely Chaotic Potion Mixed With Many Beautiful And Horrific Things. . .

Fate Gives The Options. Which Pathe Will You Choose. And When Your Reach The Crossroads. . .

Your Realizations From A Past In Storms And Hope With Ask You. . .


And You Will Wander On As The Sky Either Cries Tears Of Joy, , ,


Tears of Regret Of Being Witness To Another Fallen Child With Endless Anguish And Suffering. . .

It’s Not Always Easy. But!, One Day You Will Realize, And Hopefully It’s Not Too Late. . .

You Will Realize, Each Moment Of Wanting Thus Or That. Will Be What You Have Been Seeking. . .

What You Have Reached And Worked For. Truth Clear As Day. . .

And When That Moment Arrives. . .

You Will Either Be Cheering, Or Crying With The Sky. . .

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

P.s. Keep Your Eyes Peeled For The Right Moment. And Think Gracefully About The Future. . . . . . .

@goldenrex and @pedro27 should have their own TV Show.

The male/ female version of the Odd Couple.

Pedro is his usual vacuous self…he knows the price of everything but the value of nothing.

And Goldenrex hits him over the head with a frying pan at every turn.


Your saying inspired me!lol

It made me think while I was at work…

It made me imagine, if I ever have a child and he/she came to me and spoke about destiny, I would yell at them intentionally to teach them what you just said.

I should focus on work, lol random thoughts

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