Finding it impossible to lose the med weight on Clopixol

Ive tried eating 3x meals a day
No junk food
Then 1200 calories low carb
Intermittent fasting
Under 1000 calories

Cannot shift any weight virtually, lucky if i lose 1 pound a month

I do small amount of exercise

In my 20’s i could eat less easily, 7lbs would be easy

Im 44 now and 18 stone

Theres nothing i can try except med change but that is risky for my mental stability

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I looked it up and found this

Almost all AP showed a degree of weight gain after prolonged use, except for amisulpride, aripiprazole and ziprasidone, for which prolonged exposure resulted in negligible weight change.

Apparently Clozapine is the worst for weight gain, but people on here manage to lose weight on it somehow.

You could switch meds, but as you say it’s risky.

You could have a conversation with your psychiatrist about Metformin. That can help with weight loss on anti-psychotics.

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What about doing more cardio exercise? I too have a hard time losing weight. I exercise a little bit.

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