Fighting and flooding

I am so glad that i have done my first few days of muay thai training. I just couldnt bring myself to ever go to a gym, focusing solely on weight and strength. It adds such a new dimension to exercising when your simultaneously learning a useful skill and mindset. I know most will not heed my words but honestly if your numb,tired,purposeless, bored or unfit i highly recommend learning a martial art or playing a sport you like. Im already making connections with the new community ive moved into. Its added a new dimension to my existence. And im regaining passion for things. Plus i feel more energized despite being on an antipsychotic and an antidepressant. So yeah, give purposeful exercise a go peeps! If your up for the challenge.
On a side note here in australia, its currently flooding like crazy. Pretty sure my car is mostly under water. Extreme floods all around the place. Some worse than since the beggining of australian recorded time.
So i guess i wont be training for a couple days haha. Dang.

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