Training in martial arts

hello everyone i was diagnosed schizoaffective recently my psychosis included grandeur delusions auditory hallucinations (took form in a conversations i was constantly hearing voices speaking to me and i was hearing my own voice answering etc) and with those parameters i was hitting on russian ladies ( i was actually speaking to them while hallucinating hahah) at last i became violent because i wasnt sleeping at all and i was hospitalized i was trying abilify which didnt put me in remission but seroquel worked and im grateful for that because i can i have been practicing muay thai for almost a year now (before the psychosis started) i have few questions. is it common that people with this kind of illness train in martial arts im a litlle bit concerned about brain damage etc.we also spar only at the end of the training each spar between 1 minute to 2 minutes i dont know exactly but total sparring is between 5 min overall.we dont always put helmets because its amateur .im ok with the pyshical training but im concerned about the sparring i got hit a few times in the head but wasnt knocked off.i dont know does it increase neuro problems odds iv never been knocked out in my all life.i wanna be healthy without probelms from sports. thanks i would appreciate your comments!

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My son was in martial arts all of his life. Towards the end of his life, (he died from suicide at the age of 30), he was studying mixed martial arts. My son never expressed concern about possible brain damage, but you are right to be concerned about it. It is a very real possibility, over the long term, in this sport, without using a helmet. Just look at Muhammed Ali!

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Take this with a grain of salt as I know very little. I think your spars wont hurt your brain because nobody is pro. It is just a bunch of amateurs having fun.

Can you wear protective sparring gear while training?

i think martial arts is a good step if your able to do it. I never actually “spared” but we did these things called “sets”…it sorta was like sparing but arranged movements to do on each other? it wasn’t def 5 min though, it was 45 min straight at your own pace. as far as I knew only the high lvl black belts actually spared which reg students would rarely see. I wouldn’t be too concerned about the blows to the head but yes it can be possible to get a concussion one day. I would recommend to keep going, but if your really concerned try it another year and then see if you would still want to stay. you can always consider another form of art…but that depends on you. I did Kung fu btw.