Been doing Jiu Jitsu and Working out at the gym and i feel great

Ive been tired as hell. I just hope I can keep this going with a full time job which im starting soon. But I think right now i’ll be able to manage.

I’ve got a warrior mentality, I think all of us on here are forced to. I’ll post a pic once I get my six pack back. Come on guyssssss we can beat this!!! Maybe not to the extent of being medication free but as far as being productive members of society!

If I do it I know you guys can to!


What meds are you on if you don’t me asking?

4 mg prolixin, 10 mg celexa, 2.5 mg cogenten

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That’s it, man! That’s the right mindset. I’d love to train Chinese Boxing again, but I have a discal herniation. I’m strengthening my back with Pilates and I want to go to gym this week.

Dont let that stop you champ! Do what you love to do. Thats why we were put here!

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I really respect you for doing ground fighting. It is a gentle art that can break bones as well. So technical. I watch the ebi tournament s all the time.

@Geewiz I am glad you are doing well, I hope all of us can do well,
in my case if I get better in the sense that I can do something I will immediately move abroad and pursue my
things there.

Thanks @Jimbob its my passion. Im hoping to open my own gym one day!

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I want to get into mma once I’m better, specifically boxing, kickboxing, some type of grappling, and maybe muay thai. It looks super fun.

Time heals all. Thats what ive noticed. As the years have past since my psychotic episode i got on a high enough dose of medicine to stop the hallucinations, which in turn stopped half of the delusions. Since then i have slowly and somewhat surely lowered my dosages and fought the delusions. And now im able to function near normality.

One thing i notice about delusions and paranoia is that when you realize its happening you have to focus on something else or relax your mind. Basically similar to having a racing mind while trying to go to sleep. You have to work around it and think something else to calm your brain.

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i tried ju jitsu for a bit and kickboxing , man its tough on the body! i went to where my bro trains hes been doing it for like 9 years

i did muay thai a little bit when i was in thailand as well

@catsrcool, whats stopping you now? Why not give it a shot? You could talk to whoever runs and let them know your condition im sure theyd not only work with you but respect you.

@Geewiz what about your cognition?
Do you suffer, or have you suffered in the past from cognitive problems?

I have a lot of anxiety and paranoia so I don’t socialize that much atm.

@anon31257746, it is rough on your body! I love it though!

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@Erez_Shmerling, i still suffer with mental congnition compared to where i was at before. But I take supplements that help. Bacopa monnieri, lions mane, gingko biloba, etc. Supplements truly do help!

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I think the warrior mentality helps in both physical and mental battles. thats the right mindset, youll come out on top. never quit :blush:

I do a lot of mountain biking, and recently been doing big hill climbs, there like mental tests for me. like if i can do that, then i can do anything i put my mind to, including beating the mental illness.

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@catsrcool, humility is a good thing bro. All i can tell you is to look your fear in the eye and go for it full force. Youve got to get back on the saddle man and start practicing. The more practice you get socializing the faster you will relearn it

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Im digging it! I read something today that kind of goes along with this post thats encouraging.

F.A.I.L. Stands for: First Attempt In Learning. Even though i had to learn things a second time like socializing it still makes complete sense. There is no failure unless you stop attempting to learn.

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