Are your voices male or female?

I always thought ghosts are female but today I sensed a male voice.

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As best as I can remember, my voices were male. It’s been 10 years since I was last unmedicated. 3 or 4 months ago I started hearing an occasional voice (male). My pdoc upped the dose of my AP and it went away.

It was a little annoying little boy voice.

All my voices are male.

All mine are male too.

Mine are mostly female, sometimes male.

Always female voices

Does anyone elses gang up on them when they are really bad and abusive and critical criticising?

I have an ongoing negative female voice. Always insulting me and mocking me. One uplifting male who sounds military and one female goddess of sorts. There are probably like 10 voices for me but only these 3 I notice really. Meds keep them quiet. I’ve talked to them but asked my doc if I should interact and he said it could be dangerous because of what they say. Eg they’re not based in reality. So I don’t listen to them anymore and barely notice them. I stay busy.

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I have a combination of male and female voices. The female voices aren’t very prominent, they mostly talk with themselves and say random things. The male voice i hear is very negative, puts me down and says nasty things.

3 male voices, 2 female voices

2 female, 2 male, and an indistinguishable group of abobut 30 people where the majority is male.

Neither. However, when I have to classify, I say “he” or “him” (when talking about my companion angel) The demons are “they”, and the people in the next room are mixed.

Interesting thread. All my voices are male.

The mongest enduring and most influential, the one that rules the others is male. Others are male. Some are neutral. Some are female. Some are children.

Some are me at different ages.

Mine are male. I guess. They often speak to me in Spanish.

The voices I have heard have all been male but the hallucinations I see and hear have been both male and female. But they are all strangers.

And I get text messages in my head from males and females that I know.

Two, one that is often nice and is female and a mean male one

Two male voices and a female voice