My day and evening

I joined a depression support group today at my clinic. I take an anti-depressent but my therapist suggested I join the group to be around people more. I didn’t feel like going but I have my family and my therapist and my doctor strongly suggesting I attend. When I got there, there was an old therapist of mine from 1996 leading the group in Yoga exercises! I kinda like her, she’s a petite, cute, friendly little women, always smiling. We did some simple yoga exercises and then she led us in some meditation/ relaxation exercises Those always make me sleepy and I can “take them or leave them”, but I went along with the program and tried to get into it. And every Monday night I go to my sisters for dinner. This is a start for me, I need to get out more on my days off. Rome wasn’t built in a day, I will slowly try to get more structure in my life.


I know it’s just coincidence, but I always take it as a good sign when someone I like, crosses my path again when I’m trying something new.

Your right, Rome wasn’t built in a day. How is the cute lady in your building?

HI Nick,
I think sometimes we are the last ones to know we are depressed. It’s good that you gave the group a chance. I hope it helps you and I hope you make some friends there. Friends are really one of the best treatments for depression. I wish I had a group. or a therapist. Or someone to talk to other than, “how was your day?” kind of talking. I think I am depressed. And I think that I am the only one who knows it. I don’t think anyone else cares to look too much at me or my state of mind.Anyway…I did not mean to make this about me. I’m really very glad for you that you got this group goign and I hope it helps you to connect with some people.

I have recently felt depressed and then again uplifted, this is some kind of the wave movement in my mind. Now I feel great, but yesterday I felt depressed. This may have something to do with bipolar. Nicotine helps me to lift my spirits which is why I use some nicotine gum. I have not had any relationship with a woman in the past 15 years and sometimes I feel like I should have. But I am afraid that this is not possible in my little town, because many people know who I am and so maybe afraid of having anything to do with me. This is why I liked those big cities with millions of people where people did not know me. Well, let’s see what happens. One day at the time.

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I myself am not depressed, but I have been diagnosed and treated for depression in the past, before schizophrenia came into my life. It’s important to have structure and stay away from drugs and booze, but you already have been through the ringer with substances, I read your posts.

Keep on top of your problems, stay healthy and stay positive. I greet everyone with a chin-up gesture, I have always done this since I recovered from OCD and depression as a teenager.

I know what it’s like be be depressed- I was for years. You sound a lot healthier than I was. Good for you, you have your ducks in a row!


Still cute I assume. I haven’t seen her again since I ran into her in the hallway a couple of days ago.

This sounds like a great first step in getting out more and enjoy some simple pleasures. I’m glad you’re giving this a try. It’s nice that a person you know is back in your life in a way.

good luck

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