Feeling the rejection

Online dating sucks. Already was lacking confidence in this area and people are just mean


What I found amusing about it was that most of the women I met were crazier than me and I’m DXed with SZ. Have you considered doing some volunteer work? Good way to meet nice gals.


Whenevwr I see someone interesting. I always feel like a huge chunk of myself called schizophrenia is something they can’t accept. I know how you feel.


I have not really considered it but may be a good thing to try

My Bumble profile said I had baggage… Someone asked what and I said, then there was no response back

Well. You’ll find someone more worthwhile. :slight_smile: I read in another forum that it happens a lot being ghosted. It’s not you. It’s the illness they don’t understand.


It’s hard to meet people with this condition. I agree most people don’t understand what it means sz. I guess some people may think it is reltated to being a psychopath or being violent and unpredictable. I remember myself before I caught it. I may have been thinking along those lines. I certainly didn’t understand it.

The good news is that there are other people out there with baggage as well. Some might have similar problems, or be more understanding because they already know someone else who has a mental illness.

Anyway, if someone asks you about your baggage in a dating app I would just use the term “mental illness”. Using the sz word can be a bit daunting to begin with.


If you want me to be honest, i dont think you should tell your partner you have schizophrenia.

But there’s a good chance they find out anyway. I dated a girl one time which I didn’t tell. On the last date she borrowed my bathroom and spent some time in there. I’m pretty sure she checked out stuff and probably came across my perscription meds, and there on the label it was written black on white.

As I recall we didn’t really meet again after that.

So, in my opinion it does pay off to tell at some point during dating. At least then you have a chance to explain.

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Well of course you cant let him/her find your meds.

Yeah, but say you got to the point where you live together…it would be next to impossible to hide that you are taking meds, especially if you have to take them at a given time every day. And I wouldn’t be comfortable lying about it, like say it was for something else.

For me it would be dishonest to hide it in the long run. If they didn’t want to accept me the way I am, good and bad, I wouldn’t want to be with them anyway.

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