So I was talking to someone on Tinder

Then eventually I told her I have schizophrenia and she instantly ghosted me lol


Whoops. Oh well, who needs her?


That sucks that that happened.

Hopefully you will meet someone better for you who will accept and love you as you are.

I told my boyfriend I have schizophrenia before we met and he was fine with it as he has a friend who has schizophrenia and he himself has post traumatic stress.


isn’t Tinder more for hookups? perhaps you should’ve swiped the other way.


I don’t think its only for hookups but maybe

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I think it’s for hookups. Next time less personal info before the wham bam thank you ma’am.


It’s best to wait to tell until during sex. jk :relaxed:

Jokes aside, don’t get discouraged. Not everyone is open to or understands mental illness, but many are. Keep trying and you will probably find someone who doesen’t mind.

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I would reveal my mental illness diagnosis only after things get pretty serious.
After a couple of dates.

Otherwise I wouldn’t say a thing about it.


Then she isn’t worth it.

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I wouldnt advertise my schizophrenia. I would tell her when it gets serious. That being said, I unmatched girls bcz they asked me what do I work and I am not able to work.

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Hm. Try pof. I found ppl were generally more willing to accept my illness there.


So, I have only told one person on tinder that I had Mental health issues. And I revealed it in a very casual and matter of fact manner.

Basically I said I had a bad breakdown when I was 30 yo. Then I said I take medication for it, but it was bad enough to where I didn’t work.

She ended up ghosting me later in the evening, but that’s because I screw up other things.


Men are more likely to overlook MI.

You’ll see it on this board even. There are many more women in relationships than men in relationships.

IDK the reasoning behind it


i don’t even think online dating works for me even for hookups and I don’t really want one anymore. I tried. Either I’m ■■■■■■■ ugly or totally a loser and pathethic - or both. I think I’m not dating material and my standards are honestly set way to high.


Why how are your standards set too high?

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How did things go? Did you got matches?

Well, it’s probably my narcissism or asperger’s or lack of social grace tbh. I won’t date a girl below a 6/10 or 7/10 and I have never been on a date excluding parallel universes or other dimensions to be frank or honest – which I sometimes recall in dreams. Pornography makes things unrealistic and I’m not really highly motivated for a companion or a woman with money. I prefer to be alone even forever.

Maybe I’m waiting for the right time or the right chick or a substantial recovery in my schizophrenia. But I don’t even like close relationships or friends really. They bug me.

Sounds like a personality disorder despite feeling like I had or have a high sex drive.

Basically, I have no money, I have Aspergers, I don’t shower, and don’t brush teeth. I wasn’t always like that. I sometimes doubt I’m flow-blown schizo except maybe borderline schizophrenia.

I’m a man btw and women have it a lot easier online. I don’t have interest in messaging women or fishing for them or trying too hard. I focus on myself more because I want success and I cannot have it due to a broken brain.

I think I got trauma in college but nobody cares and there’s no proof. Maybe I was taken advantaged of or something. I complain about it constantly but it falls on deaf ears.

I think it’s Illuminati and possibly aliens and I’m a clone so there’s that.


I think women are generally more picky? Idk…

I personally wouldn’t be sure if I could be partnered to someone with Sz because I can’t afford to worry so much. You know, for worst case scenarios. Because my mental health is sensitive to worry overload.

Sorry, I don’t mean to sound insulting.

It is just I gotta look out for me and I’m a natural born worrier. In some respects.


My brother is a househusband. He married a smart career woman so he takes care of the kids. He is undiagnosed Aspergers I think and maybe mental illness too. He has heard voices and angry guy. But I see more and more what appears househusbands or men working from home and tending to their children.