Feeling surreal on Vraylar

Sometimes when I’m away from the house, in a store or something, I have to stop and say, “This is real. I’m really in the store.” Like pinching myself to make sure I’m not dreaming. I don’t think Vraylar is supposed to do this; maybe a side effect? All in all, I guess I could have worse ap experiences. One thing I know, tho, is that this ap is not like the Orap I was on for 25 years. I can’t expect it to be the same. Just a matter of adapting. Anyone else with a similar experience?

Vraylar was way too stimulating and I became psychotic on it and had to be hospitalized.

But I also experienced derealization while I was on it.

Maybe this is what you are experiencing?

I felt disassociated, like things were unreal.


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Vraylar is one of the meds I’m looking forward to going generic, so I can afford it

Thanks. Yes, it’s a little like that. Yet it helps with my delusions. The heat doesn’t help with my mental state, either. I think the Vraylar makes me sleepy, too.

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I noticed that while on a high dose of clozapine that memories of dreams and real life happen stances can be blurred. Not severely but sometimes I will think of something and question if I dreamed it earlier in the week.

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