Vraylar Side Effects

Has anybody on here taken Vraylar and had experienced any really bad side effects? l was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder and my doctor put me on 3mg Vraylar.

After about a week of taking it before bedtime l started having this anxious restless leg and arm crawling out of my skin feeling and l couldn’t stand to be touched. So l called the doctor and expressed my concerns and she told me she said l was suffering from akathisia and it was a common side effect associated with the Vraylar and she would call in a prescription that would take care of that side effect called Benztropine. So l started taking that with the Vraylar at bedtime. The Benztropine did help with the restlessness some but it didn’t completely eliminate that side effect and by this time my wife was starting to see drastic changes (bad) in my personality so she called the doctor and expressed her concerns and she was told that l needed to continue taking 20mg of Trintellix in the morning for anxiety and depression and the Benztropine and Vraylar at before bed and things would get better. It just time.

About 3 weeks in l started hearing my name being yelled anywhere that had any significant background noise like while l was working or in my shop when the heater was on. By week 4 l was completely out of control! l was pissed off and anxious and the slightest thing would send me into a rage. l started noticing l had sort term memory loss and l was experiencing missing time and l was doing weird stuff listed that was out of character at all different times of the day and night. l listed some of the things l was doing with parcel or no recollection bellow:

Hiding my keys and other things for no reason.

Cuttting up fire wood with a chainsaw at 2:30am.

l pulled all the drawers out of all the furniture and dumped the contents in the floor.

l went to Walmart at 3:00 in the morning and picked up a 3pk Bic Cigarette Lighters ($2.89) and a fake aquarium plant ($3.49) and tried to walk out without paying and was arrested and jailed overnight for shoplifting! The kicker here was l had a lighter in my pocket and l don’t even have a damn aquarium! So what was l doing? I’m almost 36 years old and I’ve never had ANY legal issues other than traffic violations!

So l said screw this and stopped taking the Vraylar and Benztropine and made a appointment to get back in to see my doctor. When my family didn’t see a immediate improvement in my behavior they had me admitted to mental institution for two weeks.

Even after l stopped takeing those two medications l still experienced side effects for damn near a month. l repeatedly experienced one very disturbing and very vivid dream over and over again…

l’m on a job site and l’m working inside a 480V electrical cabinet, and as l go to pull a fuse out it blows up in my face everything goes black then pins red, and when l wake up my ears are ringing like l was really near some type of big explosion.

My wife was watching TV one night after l went to sleep and wittinessed me having the dream and she said my entire body would jump completely up off the bed and she actually thought l was having a seizure.

Has anybody else experienced any of the same side effects from any one of these medications or the combination of two? Any input would be very much appreciated.

Akathisia may be a side effect of Vraylar, but the other experiences I don’t know what to say. I’m not on that med.

It sounds like psychosis to me what you described. Edit: not like a side effect from antipsychotics

I just got prescribed 1.5mg of Vraylar. I’ll tell you how it goes.

It made me nauseous to the point that I could not handle

For the most part, Vraylar has been an amazingly helpful med for me. Everyone is different though. It does sound like you are experiencing akathesia. I’d talk to your doc about switching meds.

I had a very bad reaction to seroquel. Just like your reaction to vraylar. I’d switch meds.

I have the side effect or symptom of hearing voices when background noise is present. Looks like I have to quit Reagila or Cariprazine(Vraylar in the USA), because of Tinnitus. Do you have ringing in the ears only after the dream or is it present at other times as well?

I think I have experienced the “going pins red” once while on Cariprazine as well, after waking up, but that happened only once that I can remember. I do have weird dreams on it, well, even weirder than I did before.

My doctor said my extreme tinnitus can’t be because of the Cariprazine, but I have lowered the dose myself and its better now. We’re talking 4 different types of tinnitus, 50 decibels or so loud(I had a hearing test done and they said it was 20-30 decibels and that night it seemed to be almost double that) that kept me up one night and the next I was only able to sleep 2 hours, with taking strong sleep meds both nights.

I had a mild issue with tinnitus before Cariprazine as well, but it made it 10x worse. It’s really a shame because it helped me so much with negative symptoms, out of all the drugs and many supplements I’ve tried over the years this one was the best for them. I was taking 4,5 mg.

To be determined. It is a newer drug, and there is no head to head comparison with other second generation anti-psychotics. Only time will tell. One of their claim to fames is that it is weight neutral and causes little to no weight gain.