Vraylar samples

I’m new to Vraylar, doesn’t seem to give me many side effects, so I have good things to say. I get it as a sample from my pdoc as it’s not on the medicare lists yet. anybody else take Vraylar?

somewhere i read that 50% on Vraylar have good outcomes, pschosis is less if you have another one. that’s what they’re telling me anyway, don’t know if it’s true.


Good luck with Vraylar @NiceHat - I started it about 8 days ago.

I reviewed it on this site - I will be reviewing it again in about another month.

Can you let us know how you are doing on it?

It takes about 3 weeks for this medication to build up in your system, so be patient.


the akathesia is low, although the more I move around the worse it (akathesia) gets it seems, so I take a lorazapam 1-2 times per day if it gets out of hand. I’ve gone back to the gym slightly and can watch TV again without a bunch of triggers reminding me of past psychosis.

I’ve been on Vraylar 2-3 months.

I’ve stopped ‘jiggling’ or swaying back and forth in my seat so much, I still pace the floor quite a bit, but that maybe from boredom too.

I’ve had good days and some bad days. mostly good days. I definately don’t feel like an akethesia machine on Vraylar like some other meds they’ve had me try.

I’m alot more sad than I used to be, I think because the reality of this is set in. I was in the hospital earlier in the year, worse psychosis I have ever had. scared me.

I thought someone had taken my ovaries and created 100s of test tube babies I suddenly had to deal with. Also that the humans of the earth were all cadavers walking around, and we could switch out which body we wanted to use by swapping our brains and smartphones. As the skin peeled off, it was damaged, so cadaveors didn’t last too long! It was weird and awful I don’t want to do those anymore. Overweight people with floppy skin were old cadavors for example.

I don’t have those halucinations anymore, but I sure do remember it all.

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Well, I remember feeling really sad when I first began recovery. I just woke up from psychosis, like I was just sane, and I realized that it was all in my head and had been for too long. I kept saying to myself “it was all in my head”, and I cried, and I don’t cry very often. The beginning of the day was surreal, like “wow I am sane and I can’t believe it”, and then the recollection of what I had just been through hit me.

That’s normal, and I would say that is is a sign of you being sane. I question someone who would experience hell which feels permanent, barely make it out back to reality, and then not feel like it sucked and was unfair and undeserved. Sometimes being scared is good. I was scared before cutting off a med and then being full-blown for a few days and then starting up on a new med. I should have been. It was dangerous, and I am lucky to be okay after that incident. That was a week ago.

And by the way, if your doc has had you on it for 2-3 months, and he knows you aren’t independently wealthy, you will be getting more of it affordably. He would not be doing his job or upholding his Oath if he set you up for being without meds which you need more than anything else. I wouldn’t worry.

I agree, the akathisia thus far is not so bad.
You are right, the more I walk, the worse it gets.

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exactly, sometimes when the akathesia is getting to me, I lay on the couch for 30 minutes and try to ‘hold on’ to it so it stops. weird.

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I have been trying to chill out more when I’m starting to feel a bit revved up.