Feeling Stupid, Dull and Dumb

My medication makes me feel stupid, dull, and dumb, esp. when I’m with other people. There’s nobody home, I say. I miss the punchlines of jokes. I was a brilliant man. I went to Harvard. Now it’s duh.


The med’s did that to me too. I scored well on the IQ tests, but I couldn’t for the live of me see anything intelligent about me. When I was switched from a typical ap to an atypical ap it substantially relieved that in me. Now I am on Geodon and Seroquel, and I feel much better.

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Why is your profile hidden @LazyandCrazy ?

I’m socially dumb.

Maybe you could ask for a med reduction? It’s possible that your schizophrenia may have resolved and you don’t know it since you keep taking medication. It happened to John Nash in his late years, even (he was a Nobel prize winner with schizophrenia.)

I’m sorry to hear that Martin. What are the symptoms of the illness you still have? I’m on Haldol 1mg and I don’t feel too dumb.

I know the feeling. I feel subdued and unfocused, which in return makes me feel dumb.

I know the feeling well.
These meds have kept me unfocused and dull cognitively.

I went from being very creative and intelligent just a few years ago to someone who has a hard time communicating their thoughts clearly to others.

It’s a crying shame.


I was considered “bright” as a young woman. I was a star student my first year of college. Then, sza hit. I knew something was wrong after that. I struggled with my studies ever after. But, I got through somehow and graduated with a B.S.N. I was a first lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force Nurse Corps. I got an honorable discharge after two years. I went on to work in civilian nursing for a total of ten years, but it was a terrible struggle. Nursing was much more difficult for me than it was for all the others. I ended up losing my license due to a combination of sza inappropriateness and discrimination against people with disabilities.

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I’m in the same boat. And it hurts. I used to be really sharp. But after my first hospitalisation that disappeared. It makes me feel fairly vulnerable too.

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Latuda and Trileptal

Mainly avolition. I also make major mistakes in my thinking. Hear something that’s not there all the time. I withdraw and am isolated. I hate talking. Sexually disturbed.

For me it’s hard to tease out what is age related/medication related , or just a normal state of affairs for me.

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I don’t know where you are in life but this disease can turn a college student into a welfare recipient overnight. I hope things get better for you. I actually was helped by the meds for some time cognitively because the voices were worse than they were before the negative symptoms did me in during my 40’s. I must admit though that while I held it together I was working, reading, and taking lower dosages.

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