Is the dumbness a side effect of the meds?

Ok, so per moments i feel this heaviness in my brain. Its like something which oppresses my brain, my thoughts. I guess my mood gets bad too, i guess i look like not pleased in these moments cause i dont feel the clarity of my thoughts. I dont remember anymore if i had this without the meds. Could it be them? And ill get used to it with time or its a side effect from the meds? Its a pity if its the meds, yeah theres no perfection i guess…
Tell me, how it was for you? Did it fade away?

Only evidence is the negatives. A serotonin anti-depressants helps so do things like omega-3, Ginkgo biloba, vitamin B group helps also. Last three are really good for the brain and memory and can get these sups at the local supermarket to save money.

I occasionally feel foggy and like I am unable to focus or concentrate. I don’t typically blame that on the meds but maybe they don’t help. I am not sure. I do wish that I were clear headed all the time along with being alert, awake and motivated.

I am pretty sure that I’ve gotten dumber. However I think that is a result of the psychosis rather than the medication. Unless you are so heavily medicated that you are out of it of course.

No, I am not heavily medicated but my illness is strange also. I have 7,5 mg of Zyprexa and Depakote. Today I felt a bit normal for some moment :slight_smile: But I guess it will tough to recover on cognitive skills. Ive missed so much things with the past years, I wasn’t interested at anything for years. This is a damage I guess. I am afraid of the future vulnerability when you are sick. The others will see that I have a problem I guess which is not nice…but yes, maybe its my cognitive symptoms which dumb me but I am not sure still…

@anna1 you posted a picture and I really think you should try to exercise and try to lose weight,
you look in a very bad shape.
Further advice- try not to think of the past as it is not productive.
I am dumb due to schizophrenia, schizophrenia causes cognitive symptoms in most patients,
sometimes very severe.
This is essentially the main problem that prevents me from functioning, the cognitive symptoms.

I feel dumb and foggy and sometimes i see a haze.

I need to find something to counter this ap.

Oh erez, nice to hear that. Ok, maybe in the future ill try to do some sport. I look so bad? :/…

I’m on SSRI (since more than 3 years ago), Omega-3, folic acid & B12 and I’m still dumb so I think it is the illness and there is nothing I can do…

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Yes, the ‘brain fog’ went away. Also, you can try nootropics (‘smart meds’), but be careful with these powerful supplements.

What are these supplements

kindness, my mother suggests me nootropil but I still believe that I have sz symptoms and in the past the nootropil didn’t help me… its worse than a brain fog in my case when I feel dumb. Its some kind of heaviness in my brain and with a bit of dumbed emotions… its like keeping everything in your head and your soul with an inner dialogue.

Maybe Ritalin would be good. I can’t focus

I think my meds have dumbed me down. My thoughts were faster before. But without meds I might think i can fly and might jump off a building. So it’s something I have to put up with.

I’m sorry you’re suffering with that. It sounds like cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia. Have you tried Sarcosine and/or L-theanine?

Hopefully new meds will be available soon that help with cognitive symptoms.

yeah, maybe its the cognitive symptoms of sz. But for the moment,kindnes, I should work by my own on that. Cause in the other hand, I am really not calm without the Zyprexa. and Zyprexa is a good med to calm down somebody :slight_smile:

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Have you made it known to your psychiatrist about your cognitive symptoms? If not, please tell him or her soon.

in my file in the hospital it was written that my memory and my intellect are oppressed by the illness, they know that yes. I wasn’t even talking in the past so it was obvious.

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