Feeling smothered

I told my mom that “Even though I will continuously get sick, I wish I wasn’t so tired or feel pain.” When I said this, my mom and my brother told me to stay quiet because my dad is around.

The other day, my mom told me not to express any pain or discomfort when my dad is around because that’ll add onto his tiredness after work. My mom said, “He is already tired from work and your illness will make him more tired and more burdened.”

So after she said that to me, I’m trying my hardest to keep myself quiet and I’m trying not to express any pain or discomfort that comes from my illness.

Do I have the right to feel smothered? I feel like I’m a huge burden in this family.

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My mother once told me that she gets depressed when I talk to her… depression is contagious, maybe she is aware of that? But it does feel terrible being told that though, I can relate

Yes you have the right to feel that way. Your mother is wrong. You should be able to be open with both your parents

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