Don't make a sound (poem)

Don’t make a sound
Don’t moan, don’t fret
Keep your pain silent
Pretending to be free

Don’t make a sound
Don’t say a word about your illness
Or your father will leave you
Or have nightmares.

Don’t make a sound
Don’t rustle in bed
Keep your pain silent
Keep your mouth closed.

Don’t make a sound
But I will massage you
We will care for you
Just don’t talk about it.

Your grandmother will cry
You will be the sadness of your family
Leaving everyone in frustration
Leading to sleepless nights

They say
A person who is sick
Drains all of the family’s energy.
But hey, you are not a burden.

Don’t make a sound
Don’t talk about it in front of your dad.
Keep your pain silent
Until you close your eyes.


Tragic, but true? I think this is a perception we can have when we are depressed, but hopefuly our mood can change.

I basically just wrote down what someone said to me and turned it into a poem.

Not tragic- this happens almost every day.

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I like the rhythm of the poem!:slightly_smiling_face:

To me the poem is tragic. When people believe they are a burden and don’t believe that family wants to take care of them.

This person told me that my dad will get stressed out because of me but said “I will take care of you”

Kinda like house rules. When dad comes home, you pretend to be normal and free from disability.

If I talk about my physical illness, I am immediately hushed and told to stop talking.

I was told yesterday to stop making moaning sounds when I am in pain because my brother will be stressed out.

I kinda feel like I need to kill myself to make my family less stressed out.

I get that you might feel like the serious of your illness is not recognized by other people. Nobody can really know unless they experience something similar themselves.

But also if you live many people under the same roof you all need to adapt to each other and cooperate to get along.

I would try not to think that when one of your family members asks you to adapt it means that they don’t care about you. It’s difficult to live many people under the same roof. I totally get that from personal experience. It’s easy to get on each others nerves, but a lot of it has to do with how we choose to interpit and deal with things in our mind.

But if you have no choice I would just try to stay away from that dark corner in your mind which makes you think that everything is impossible and instead try to brush things off as minor issues.

This doesnt sound right are you child? I believe this story you writ!

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