Feeling a bit down and sleepy

I been feeling a bit down(don’t wanna talk or socialize) and feel a bit down as well…what meds can help if I believe in medication?

I am taking abilify 5mg and mirtazapine 30mg

i am so dissapointed,i just been on mirtazapine and it was working well,now i am like back to my usual self,its really hard to accept this fact,its like 1 day i am fine then the other 2 days i had depression or negative symptoms,when can i feel well again…

Abilify was supposed to “energize” me, or so the promise from my pdoc, but all it ever did was a whole lot of nothing. My pdoc told me I was “upside down” because I kept complaining I was more depressed on abilify than energized.

what are you taking now csummers?how would you comment of what your taking now?

I lost my health insurance in february this year, and qualify for medi-care, but not without paying a huge penalty for turning down part B when I first qualified 17 years ago because We had a private plan (until Feb) so I have no pdoc, or doc and therefore no meds. I can’t even get a refill for my thyroid medicine I’m supposed to take everyday and have less than 5 left.
It sucks.
The last med I was on was haldol, then was abilify, geodon,haldol decanoate, topomax, stellazine, perphrenazine, trillifon, depakote, and more. That’s just what I remember off the top of my head.