Too much feeling sedated?

Sometimes when i take my night meds, which is a lot, i get tired, ofc, but sometimes diffucult to breathe.
What to do?

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Maby you can split your dose to morning and night.

I already have that.
Some should be taken at night.

What all you taking?

Morning abilify and stomach meds.
Night zyprexa (weaning off) Mirtazapine cipralex and melatonin.

Maby the melatonin is making you sleepy?

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I think its The combination.
I need to change it.

Well maby ask doctor if you can lower or drop some meds.

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Last time i had like This i puked.

Something definitely needs to change.

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If you’re having trouble breathing you need to contact your doctor immediately

Thanks for your care.
Im gonna rest now and drink some water.

I think you can also regulate how much food is in your system, sometimes if I have too much food at night my night time meds don’t make me drowsy. But with too little food in my system the effect is too strong. just my experience with meds

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Anyone else feel nauseus after taking APs?
I dont like The feeling at all.

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I raised my Zyprexa to 10 mgs and I feel nauseous today as you lol… I am close to puke also… But theres the illness here too, too much of stress lately…
Its good if someone knows if this passes?
Its the first time its happening to me on meds… But before, I was so ill, that I wasn’t feeling my meds…
Maybe this will pass @Yellowdiamond?
Sorry for my intervention, that I cant help much. But yeap, me too I am nauseous lately on meds…

I’ve been taking Zyprexa for over 20 years 10 mgs. I take it at night and usually it knocks me out within a couple hours. Zyprexa takes 6 hours from the time you take it to reach maximum effect. Then it slowly wares off for 6 hours.

If you feel nauseous from it it might be a blood sugar problem. Zyprexa has been known to cause diabetes. Try and test your blood sugar after you take it or in the morning.

I drink a lot of coffee to fight the sedative effects of my Zyprexa. I put a ton of sugar in my coffee. I’ve been told I’m borderline diabetic. I can’t take Zyprexa in the mornings I’ve tried. It just puts me back to sleep.

I wake up in a fog from it every day. Coffee helps a lot. I’ve never gotten sick to my stomach from it though.

It could be the abilify or the combination of the two? I’m just guessing. Zyprexa has been a good drug for me.

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