Feeling poisoned

After everything I drank today

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Someone said what I drank was poisoned. I felt sad because my sister was drinking the same thing. I continued to keep drinking. Right now feel
kind of brain dead, don’t feel well. I feel so depressed. I hope tomorrow will be better.

What did you drink?
I’m sure that it wasn’t poisoned.

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Who the hell would poison you? Let alone tell you it was poisoned? Someone was obviously just messing with you. Don’t be gullible

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I have someone doing this to me all the time. Yes, probably someone is just messing with me.


It’s probably not poisoned. Drink some water or milk and eat some bread, you’ll probably feel better.

I once felt my husband was hiding tablets in my food . A type of poisoning I guess . It’s not a nice feeling .

That “some/all food is poisoned” phase of prodromal schizophrenia is pretty annoying.

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