Feeling nervous

Lately I’ve been feeling very nervous. It’s triggered two paranoia attacks. Does anyone else feel nervous all the time? I take meds for anxiety and depression as well as my anti psychotic. I feel like my anxiety med is too low a dose. 10mg 2x a day.


These days paranoia is very cruel.
I take benzos as prn.
They calm my racing mind

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Yeah. Winter time is rough. I feel trapped when I’m inside. And I hate being cold. I want my doctor to give me something to calm me down. I’m frustrated with him. I always tell him the hydroxyzine I take doesn’t do anything and he doesn’t change it

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That’s so frustrating. I have severe anxiety and manage it with meds. i don’t think an antihistamine would work for me either.

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Coffee makes me nervous but not caffeine pills.

What antidepressant are you on might need increasing
I have really bad anxiety and get paranoid I’ve switched to a new antidepressant but it all takes time

I’m on citalopram. It’s like the 10th depression med I’ve tried. I’m pretty stable. Still occasionally get paranoid. My anxiety is what kills me

What do you mean antihistamine. Is that what hydroxyzine is? It’s my current PRN and it’s not even close to strong enough

Anxiety can be debilitating. I don’t understand why its not taken seriously by your doctor.

It falls under the drug class of Antihistamine - which is basically an allergy medication. I guess its used in for mild forms of anxiety. It’s kind of like treating anxiety / sleep disorder with Benadryl.

Hydroxyzine is similiar to benadryl, so yes a antihistamine. I never found it effective. Buspar is a non-addictive anti-anxiety medication that works much better. It takes about a month to begin working, but now i very rarely (once to twice a month) need ativan as a PRN. Ativan is the weakest of the benzo’s, but also less addictive. I have a history of addiction so i try really hard not to use them. The buspar gives me the relief i need without the “high” feeling you get from benzos.

Hydroxyzine I feel is a sugar pill. It doesn’t work.

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I have busbar as my anxiety med. it works but I still have a lot of leftover anxiety. I constantly feel like someone is standing on my chest and my thoughts go fast. And I’m usually worrying about things that could happen. Whether they are realistic or not. My stomach also feels knotted

Is that the 10mg dose you’re on? I didnt feel real relief until i was on 30mg twice a day, so 60mg total. I would talk to your p.doc about upping it. Besides doing that, learning coping skills to battle those feelings is all i can really think of. Have you heard of DBT? It could be really helpful.

I’ve heard of DBT but I’m not interested. I meet my doctor Monday to talk about my meds. I called him and asked him to raise my busbar med to 15mg 2x a day. But he wants to meet with me first. I wish he just trusted me

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