Feeling low

so after a month of relative quiet, the voices r back in full force and talking ■■■■ again. more complete bollox about free energy and romance prohibited…yawn. luckily i don’t believe in it but they still try to convince me nonetheless. still also trying to convince me of telepathy but that’s a shed load of ■■■■ too. in other respects, i’m getting better. i’m doing stuff, apart from today as i didn’t get any sleep last night, but i’m doing stuff arund the house on a regular basis, which is good. it seems the more bollox pours out of my head the more active i become. though as i said, today has been a complete failure and i’m feeling low. maybe i’ll feel better after my shower in a minute as i haven’t had one for 2 days. i’m gonna do that and blow dry my hair, clean my teeth and read a book for a while. thanx for reading xxx

Sounds like youre having a rough time. It comes and goes, youve been with this illness for a while, you already know that it has good days and bad days. Hope u get feeling well soon!

I’m sorry you feel this way Jayne, you’ll pull through though and it will get better. I’m not really sure what else to say other than we’re here to listen to you so please don’t stop writing.

Good to see you on here @jaynebeal - I hope things get better for you, I am sure you will feel better soon

What book are you reading? I do love talking about books. :book: :books:

I also hope you feel better, but you’re a strong person and I know that you’ll fight and then recharge the batteries.

I am reading books by a red head in Seattle. :smiley:

Vampire Academy- Richelle Mead

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I can NOT believe I haven’t read those yet. I’ve read other seattle authors. You’d think I’d read books written by a redhead, living in seattle.

Thank you for the link. I like finding new authors.

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Hope you feel better soon.

inter dimensional universe by michio kaku. it’s all about string theory and other dimensions. looks good so far :slight_smile:


hope you are having a better day today.
take care

know that you are not alone,and everyone is hoping you will beable to start to feel better…sending good will wishes…hang tough !!!

They say when you sit around and do nothing it’s the devils playground. It’s good your staying busy.

Sounds like you are already kicking it :slight_smile: