Negative Voices

I know this has been said a lot across the group, I’m hearing those nasty negative voices again.It’s more towards my working on my novel than anything. Having trouble splitting up scenes into chapters. And the voices are telling me why bother the whole things a bunch of crap that no one will buy…or sell for you. So I attempt to go play a game take my mind off of it, hoping the distraction will quiet the voices. Only when I attempt to do that they say I’m being lazy and that I’m worthless and my life is hopeless. I can’t seem to win tonight and it’s driving me nuts…so to speak.

it’s ok hunni. i get worse. my voices tell me i’ll die if i make any money from publishing any of my stories. hmmm make money to preotect my kids or die trying…think i’ll die trying actually. don’t let ur voices stop u from carrying out ur dreams. ull only regret it if u do. use their negativity to make the story better. use them to enthuse u. that’s what i do. good luck. xxx


I think I have finished my outline. But I’ve said that before. But I have something I’m happy with for now so that’s good enough for me. I think I’ll quit working on it tonight and pick up tomorrow night.


I am also working on a book, actually two, that I sent to publishers already, still waiting for reply. When I was working on my book about my journey with mental illness, in December last year, I was at the same time unmedicated and relapsing, so the voices used to say ‘destroy your book then you will feel fine’. Needless to say, I ignored it because it was an important project to me, and now its finished and waiting for a publisher to accept it.


We can be our own worst critics. Self doubt is hard to fight against. Have faith in yourself and do your best to prove the voices wrong :purple_heart:


Sometimes my voices love to amp up and convince me I’m horrid and worthless and helpless and dim. When I’m trying to study and it’s quiet and I’m ready to study the voices amp up.

I have to go away and come back to it, or change venue or take my book to a park and read in short burst. I’ll sit and think about the people on my side and if I was as bad as my voices say, these people wouldn’t be on my side. I have something that helps me prove the voices wrong when I’m sitting down to study. I’m getting better at it. As I practice I get stronger and they get weaker.

This last few weeks has been really hard for me.


@SurprisedJ I understand how you feel I’ll be sitting somewhere like at a bus stop or something and wonder how nice it would be to be the person sitting next to me, and get jealous because they don’t have to hear the voices that are inside my head.I try and remind myself they have their own problems, but with the voices so negative it’s hard to believe their problems may be worse than mine.


I hear them too, a lot of times I’ll save a copy to my portable hard drive then just delete the copy off my desktop. Then that way I have a backed up copy no matter what I do to the desktop version.

I was just about to post a similar post, but this answer was just what I needed, thank you.