Feeling lonely


Been feeling lonely for a long time. I do have family that I live with and friends I rarely meet and who I can talk to yet feel so lonely. Does anyone feel lonely even through they have people in their life? Would be nice to talk to some of you?


Hi! I remember you!

How is life?


You can talk to us here


Life is ■■■■. How’s yours?


Thank you very much.


Hey how’s it going?

Oh not good. Damn well feel much better I hope u do


Other than feeling lonely I’m feeling really down. Not been well for a couple of months. How are you?


Do you think it’s the weather? The weather was bothering me. But d3 pills really help me. And sun lamps could help too they say.

I feel much better taking 800 ui vitamin d3 in the winter


I feel so lonely i could hug one of the walls


Don’t think it’s the weather because I’ve been feeling low since the summer. I take bit d tablets.


Sorry you’re feeling lonely.


Since the weekend I have been very down and lonely
I did over an hour walking today
But I feel bored in afternoon frustrated unsatisfied


My loneliness has been crippling the past few months. I have family to talk to but not any friends.

I’m sorry you are feeling lonely and are having a rough time. I hope things improve for you.


How are symptoms? Seasons can change mood symptoms. Changes in light…


With social media, lots of people feel surrounded by others yet very lonely. I’d try doing activities where you can meet people and not be so lonely. I mean meet people who can become real friends over time, not just acquaintances.


I’m feeling very lonely, too. I understand how you feel.
I have many people around me…but my sickness makes me absolutely hopeless.
How are you doing now? Thinking of you.


I too feel lonely today. :confused: Sorry you are feeling the same. I hate evenings, im always alone. I miss my kid, he is the only one atm who makes me feel…connected? Whats the opposite of lonely? Well, and my parents perhaps, sometimes.

I was with colleagues today, but the polite exchange of superficialities during lunch made me feel even lonelier than i already was.

I feel i should be grateful though. I have some people around at least.


I’m so very blessed (like I keep saying). I’m not down or lonely even though I’m always alone and have no friends. I even prefer solitude.


I’m in the same situation, I have family and friends but I get so lonely all the time. you can message me and we can talk if you’d like, I’m always down to get to know new people :slight_smile:


It’s hard make friends as adults. I’m meeting people anyway. But doesn’t become friendship.