Hi all... im lonesome ... how r u?

how are u all? i feel very alone these days… i feel like so many people just wreak of hustling n im tired of trying to defend my feelings n hopes because people are just out for themselves… n most are just too rude too…



i apologize if im being negative… im just moody mostly these days… mostly mood swings … hallucinations mostly gone for a long time … if ever really there…

Sometimes I just need to let it all out. And be ‘negative’ well just become aware of what I’m really feeling so I can see wat if anything I can do about it.
I’m lonesome too and it frustrates me cos there are some lovely people out there I’d love to chill out with but I’m just so depressed and anxious.


ty i appreciate ur feedback… my text wasnt taking a few ago… which is why i had a delayed response…

i agree too… i feel more human accepting my feelings the best i can

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That is exactly how I feel at the moment. I also feel negative and feel like ranting.

But there are actually some good people out there although I sometimes find it difficult to spot them…

We are all for you on this site. We get our ups and downs… All of us.

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I am interested in loneliness. One of my friends tells me sometimes that he is lonely. Fortunately I guess I have found plenty of people in my life so I don’t feel this emotion. Would you define loneliness as being alone and wishing you had others? Do you have a small social circle?

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