Feeling like no one likes you. most of the time

you usely get over that as a teen, to feel this way as adult tells my self I’m insecure. possible from rejection for family and friends do to stranger behaver as a schizophrenia person. do I need you, do you need me. I not know for learning yes for friend ship maybe, I’m no wack job . I’m a ture free speeking person. but if I ever get anywere it well be because of you honesty trust in me.

I believe no one ever gets over the feeling of not being liked… Not the fact is why should we care… We like ourselves and if others don’t there missing out…
Go honesty!

I’m alright with people not liking me if it’s reasonable and they tell me about it. I have this issue where I take alot of personal things at face value only because it’s hard to think. I also think if you’re going to tell me something about me that you don’t like, you have to stick around to debate it with me if I don’t get it. Alot of people just act like their problems will magically go away if they ignore or run away from them, so these people I have no respect for when it comes to having an issue with me. Because it helps nothing. It’s just like that constant complaining that tires everybody. If you have a problem, at least do something about it.

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