Feeling insecure/Just another obsessive delusion?

Perhaps I’m talking out of my backside with all this autism/non-verbal learning disorder stuff. After all those who know me best never chip in to say “You could very well be onto something” . Perhaps it’s just an obsessive delusion.

What’s your obsessive delusion?

Perhaps the autism/NVLD stuff is. Just feeling so insecure about it all. Those who know me well never say anything. Couple that with the fact I’m reckoned to have had delusional thoughts put it all together and the doubts and uncertainties can rise to the surface.

I’m not saying your psychotic @firemonkey, but when I was psychotic 2 years ago I was obsessed with Schizotypal.
I was certain that I had it.

The thing is when you have insight and you are described as having had delusional thoughts you can get to worrying “Is this another delusion?” If so it’s a long running delusion; been concerned about this stuff for nearly 20 years .

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I had schizotypal diagnosis before sz diagnosis. I was obsessed with it too.

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I think I had a schizotypal personality disorder all my life until it turned into SZ about 2 Years ago

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I don’t know. You do seem fairly obsessed with the subject, and I worry that you might drive yourself into behavior patterns based on what you think you have.

But then again, you do display some typical aspie patterns, especially when you get agitated or feel targeted .

All in all, I think you should try some support forums for people with those disorders, and more importantly, ask your therapist about getting checked for those things.
You need answers.
If the tests say you don’t have any autism or nvld, then you’ll know, and you can stop worrying. If they say you do, then you have a possibility to get help.
If you don’t try, you won’t know.

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I am not one who is into psychological method acting or like the actor who becomes so immersed in his role reality is clouded by unreality. I am as I am,whatever that may be. My behaviour for what it is is a long term occurrence and not something swayed by the internet or any other form of media.

I’m not saying you’re doing it on purpose, or that you’re even aware of it if that’s what happening. I also don’t think it happens over night.

But some people do display symptoms of mental illnesses they don’t have, because they’re so convinced they have them.

Take me for an example. I was told I had ADHD. All of a sudden, aspects of my behavior were ok, even justified, when they earlier had not been. So I started displaying those behaviors more and more as time passed.

When they changed my diagnosis to schizophrenia, my adhd behavior slowly went away again.

I’m not saying it’s like that for everyone.
But I’m just hoping for you that you’re not one of those people who want to believe it so badly that you start to see patterns where there maybe are none.
Know what I’m saying?

But like I also said, to me, you do seem to be on the autism spectrum a little bit, but I’m not a shrink, so I don’t know for sure.

I don’t dispute that. However my fine/gross motor deficits, visual-spatial and social deficits, all signs of NVLD, are things I have had since childhood. As a child/teenager I was described as badly co-ordinated ,bad at drawing ,geometry and writing and messy and disorganised. I also only had one friend but time has made me question the strength of that friendship . Another thing is the Verbal-performance intelligence gap indicative of NVLD, I’ve only done an official test once as a teenager and never knew the result. However going by admittedly questionable online tests I score 137 and 144+ for verbal and the following for non-verbal/visual spatial - 71,61,73,85,72,72,77,63, 82,72,84,81,75,67,56,

Mensa DK gave me 94 taking a stab at it and 80 just pressing randomly
Mensa DK= 80/94= 0.85 It may or may not give undue weight to random answers. Mensa Romania gave me 80 and under 75 taking a stab/choosing randomly. Mensa Hungary gave me 73. All are non-verbal.

it may be that dyspraxia explains these things too . In the UK they tend to diagnose dyspraxia where in the US they dagnose NVLD. Higher rates of dyspraxia are all reckoned to be found with ASD,

Then there is also the belief that a sub group of people on the spectrum also have psychotic symptoms. Childhood dyspraxia has also been linked to the later development of psychosis.

I have often described myself as someone with ASD(traits)-NVLD- Schizotypal traits-avoidant.

It’s a complex area. I don’t dispute the mental illness side of things but question whether that is the only piece to the puzzle.


I get obsessed with my diagnosis all the time. Like I’m a malinger and I haven’t got anything wrong with me and my care team are against me.

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