Feeling hopeless and anxious

Hubby unwell with many health problems , throat, heart, lungs , arthritis

Im finding it hard to live with

He complains at me several times a day and its really making me feel hopeless and down

He doesn’t like me smoking
Im trying so hard to cut down and using my ecig more

Doctor says i have sz and depression and anxiety and pd

Im struggling with my thoughts real bad

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What’s pd?


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he talks to you about his health?

can you talk to him about your health?

maybe you can come to an agreement on what is or is not allowed to talk about

just a thought

hope it works out between you

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I understand. My husband has severe, chronic pain. He’s miserable. I try to spend time watching my own shows etc as a break from the bad news. It seems to help

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Yes hubby has chronic pain
I have to give him a lot of space and not smoke around him. He has a go though and its difficult to live together sometimes. He doesn’t like going to see a doctor unless he feels utterly desperate so it takes me days of nagging him

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Pd is personality disorder

Spaceoptic, I’m very sorry to hear about your many health issues. Take it easy, one step at a time. Do you go to therapy? Sometimes meds just aren’t enough, they only take the edge off but nothing more.

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Thanks @Andrey no i don’t go to therapy i don’t think I’d be very good at it because ive had a bit of therapy in the past but clammed up in the end.

I see. I’ve felt really down several times in the past, I thought everything was over. But it wasn’t! I’ve found reasons not to give up. And now I’m in a much better place. Hope you find such reasons too.

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