Feeling Great

Here at the hospital, I am being very gradually switched from Thorazine to Seroquel. I’ve been on Thorazine for 16 months and it has done an amazing job of keeping me stable. However, Seroquel is making a huge difference as well.

I’m currently on 350mg of Seroquel and 50mg of Thorazine. I can tell a huge difference.

I’m more animated. My affect is not as flat or blunted. I’m happier. I wouldn’t say I was ever depressed, but I was definitely a bit on the apathetic side. I don’t feel that way at all now.

I have more motivation. I’m working on a book idea on a regular basis with no difficulty motivating myself to work on it. I’m more physically active, playing basketball, going on walks, etc. I’ve read 3 books since getting on Seroquel. I’m sleeping well. I’m more friendly and upbeat.

I have nothing bad to say about Thorazine…it really helped me. But I’m seeing that it was holding me back some. I’m glad I can see the difference.


Glad to hear you’re making good strides. How long do you anticipate being in the hospital?

I’m participating in research…so as long as that takes. Probably about four more months unless I get to do more research than what is already on my agenda.

Oh wow. Okay. What kind of research if you don’t mind me asking?

Thorazine was the very first anti-psychotic, right?

Wow, Latopla, I thought you’d disappeared of the face of the earth. Glad to see you’re with us again.

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I think zotepine was, but Thorazine was the first that saw clinical use. I have of bottle of it myself.

I’m in a research study that is determining what causes the cognitive problems that schizophrenics have…schizophrenia or anti-psychotics,

Hi chordy…good to see you as well.